Author: George J. Pilibosian

Donald Trump Will Resign Before the End of The Year To Avoid Jail Time

Robert Mueller is building a case against Donald Trump that is reaching into his ‘dirty’ business deals with Russia. When the word ‘Russia’ is mentioned, Trump does nothing but defend Russia. There is no question that Trump is afraid that something he has done with Russia will come out and it won’t be good. Trump is surely tired of this constant scrutiny over his connections with...

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What Happened, ‘The Donald,’ We Thought You Were Going To Stop ISIS?

What happened, Donnie? The terror group ISIS made the announcement through the Amaq News Agency after a van ploughed into crowds in the Spanish city on Thursday. Catalan Police confirmed the death toll following the rampage in Las Ramblas – the city’s busiest shopping street – around 5pm local time. At least 10 of the injured victims are believed to be in a serious condition, a spokesman...

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Kamala Harris Will Be The Next President of the United States

People vote for the best show on earth. When it comes to a presidential election, of course, they look at the issues, but really, they look more at who is the biggest star of the show. Everyone wants a show, and Donald Trump hasn’t stopped giving the world the ‘Greatest Show on Earth.’ Even though the results of his show could be catastrophic. It is time for a ‘show’ that is backed up by real intentions, not some flim-flam carnival barker like Trump. Kamala Harris will be the next President of the United States. That is because she cares...

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