Author: George J. Pilibosian

Trump Is Now Officially On Strike

Trump announced yesterday that he has no intention of doing the job he was elected to do. Politico reports yesterday’s collapse of the Trump Administration this way: ‘President Donald Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi engaged in a public and bitter feud on Wednesday, with the president detonating bipartisan negotiations over the speaker’s accusations of a “cover-up” and Pelosi bluntly responding: “I pray for the president of the United States.” The breakdown resulted in Trump declaring that he will not work with congressional Democrats as long as they pursue oversight investigations into him and his administration. “Let them play their...

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Alabama Governor Kay Ivy Wants Rapists To Breed And Incest To Thrive In Her State

ALABAMA GOVERNOR KAY IVY, WHO WANTS WOMEN TO SUFFER EVEN MORE AFTER BEING RAPED Sometimes things get so sick you need to call in a doctor to fix it. I would say that when the governor of Alabama supports a bill that will make abortion illegal, even if the woman is raped or abused by a blood-related family member, we need a ‘doctor.’ Are we kidding? This is as sick as sick gets. I know, it’s Alabama, where incest sometimes may be ‘best,’ or the only option, but this is not America, and it needs to be stopped...

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John Bolton Wants To Start A War With Iran, Just Like The One He Started With Iraq

NBC News reports that national security adviser John Bolton has reportedly requested that administration officials draw up plans to send 120,000 U.S. troops to the Middle East to counter Iran, sending shockwaves through Washington. Bolton, a key architect of the disastrous invasion of Iraq, has long gunned for war with Iran and seems intent on escalating tensions regardless of Tehran’s policies. At first glance, the plans — a deployment on a scale with the force sent to Kuwait prior to the war in Iraq — suggest that Iran’s decision to respond to Donald Trump’s violations of the Iran deal...

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Gay Lindsey Graham Is Sucking Up To Trump To Avoid Being ‘Exposed’

As BuzzFeed reports, the idea that there are two, totally different Lindsey Grahams has grown so popular that even Lindsey Graham is getting in on it. As he began his first hearing as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Graham reassured Democrats that the bipartisan Lindsey — “immigration Lindsey” — would show up. “But the other guy’s in there too,” he warned, “and I don’t like him any more than you do.” All I can think of is that Trump has threatened little gay Lindsey that if he doesn’t do what Trump wants, Trump will shove him...

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When It Comes To Money, Donald Trump Is Literally The Biggest Loser

Vox has reported that Donald Trump has lost more money in a period of ten years than any other American: “Russ Buettner and Susanne Craig at the New York Times on Tuesday published a blockbuster report providing insight into Trump’s business practices and taxes from 1985 to 1994. The report is based on printouts from his official IRS tax transcripts and figures from his federal tax form the Times obtained from an unnamed source with legal access to the information. Buettner and Craig went on to match those printouts to individual filings in the public, anonymized reports of the...

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