Author: George J. Pilibosian

Trump Administration Turns ‘Public Service’ Into ‘How Can I Help Myself?’

SECRETARY OF TREASURY MNUCHIN AND WIFE GO ON SHOPPING SPREE USING OUR MONEY It would be hard to find a US presidential administration to be more self-enriching than the Trump Administration. Trump Administration officials have been caught using our money to travel in style, with no concern about what US taxpayers think about how they are spending our money. It’s all over the White House. But we all know that ‘a fish rots from the head.’ The New Republic puts it succinctly: Donald Trump is using taxpayer dollars to enrich himself while asking Congress to fund his government. Multiple...

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We Are At War With Russia, And The President Is Looking The Other Way?

America is at a very serious turning point right now. Regardless of what you may think of President Trump, you can’t now not know that Russia is systematically working to destroy the American system of democracy. Yet, the only government official who doesn’t seem to acknowledge this is the president of the United States, Donald Trump. What the heck is going on here? Is Trump working for the Russian government? Is Trump just the dumbest person on the planet? Of course, both could be true. But Trump is surely hiding a very deep, dark secret and we are about...

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Drug Companies Rule America

Americans pay more for drugs and medical devices than any other country. Big Pharma follows potential patients everywhere — on TV, in print and online. Companies spend billions advertising to doctors to get them prescribe their brand-name drugs and devices. They also spend billions paying criminal and civil settlements resulting from fraudulent marketing. Do these practices empower patients or expose them to newer, riskier and more expensive drugs and devices? I am sure you have memorized all of the names of all of the drugs we are constantly told to buy on TV (I know I have): Cialis, Eliquis,...

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Florida’s Governor Rick Scott Thinks The New FBI Director Should Resign, After Just Months In The Job, After Parkland Shooting

Gee, it now seems pretty clear that Florida Governor Rick Scott is carrying Donald Trump’s water in his front pocket. Why else would he say Christopher Wray should resign as the newly-appointed FBI director? It is now clear why: Trump wants the Russia investigation to end before we find out what a crook Trump really is and Rick Scott needs a new job. Shame on you, Mr....

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Did Donald Trump Really Win?

Hey, I am hardly a conspiracy theorist, but as time goes on, more questions arise about the last U.S. presidential election. Of course, out of the gate, we knew that Trump lost by 3 million votes (more than 3 million people voted for Clinton over Trump), yet he won by 78,000 votes among three states (we don’t elect a president by overall popularity). That in itself was a bit of a mind bender, and in full disclosure, Hillary Clinton was my candidate, so that night Trump won is just a very bad memory. But now, we learn that Russia...

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Donald Trump Lost And Hillary Clinton Won

History is at least as much about the structures of power as it is about the personalities of “great men”—or terrible ones. Of course, a president’s idiosyncrasies matter, and the outsized and outrageous personality of the current president of the United States has riveted the public and press. But most condemnations of President Donald Trump are also, if only implicitly, accusations that his administration has broken with precedent and violated the norms of presidential government. We are not so sure. Trump’s manner of exercising power certainly has a precedent. In terms of the structure of politics—a term associated with...

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