Author: George J. Pilibosian

Trump Is Putin’s Biggest Chump–God Bless America

According to Politico: “Russia’s criminal behavior in Syria is just the latest in a long string of crimes perpetrated by Russian President Vladimir Putin. U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s incoming administration may be unwilling to admit it, but Putin is a war criminal. The U.S. government may need to negotiate with him, but it should remember that he is a butcher. Russia’s leader has a long record of inhumanity. He was an agent of the Soviet secret police, a criminal institution with a record that goes back to mass killings perpetrated by the henchmen of Soviet dictators Vladimir Lenin and...

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Trump Bends Over For A Dictator With An Economy Smaller Than Texas’–What Does Trump Owe Putin?

Everything’s bigger in Texas. That’s more than just a common expression, it infiltrates our movies and our culture. Want to know how big Texas really is? Let’s compare its economy with that of Russia, the world’s largest country by area. As you probably know, Russia’s been in the news a lot lately, so the timing of this comparison makes sense. The U.S. just levied fresh sanctions against the Eastern European country for its alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election, and early last week President Donald Trump warned Russia that the U.S. military could soon strike its ally Syria...

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Trump Wants Putin To Take Over The World

Get ready America, were are about to be ‘annexed’ just the way Crimea was by Putin. Donald Trump has spoken about his wish that he and Vladimir Putin become friends one day, but said, for the moment, they are ultimately competitors. The two are due to meet for talks in Finland next week. Taking questions after an emergency NATO meeting Thursday, Trump was asked how he sees the Russian president. “Ultimately he’s a competitor—he’s representing Russia, I’m representing the United States,” said Trump. “In a sense we’re competitors, it’s not a question of friend or enemy. He’s not my...

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Trump’s Supporters Have Been Duped By A Con Artist, AND THEY STILL DON’T SEE IT

Donald Trump supporters are some of the poorest, least educated Americans. The have no health care, yet they support Trump’s eradication of Obama Care. They have no job, even though Trump promised they would. They have no tax breaks, even though Trump promised he would take care of them. Hey, Trump supporters, wake up and realize it is time to dump the billionaire who just used you to get the biggest job in the world. He does his rallies because he needs to keep you in his ‘pocket,’ but if you are foolish enough to think that means that...

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