Author: George J. Pilibosian

Donald Trump Is Such An A-Hole That Even John McCain Banned Him From His Funeral

Give me a break, I care about my country, the USA, and that is why I can’t stand to see ‘Liddle Donnie’ flail around on Air Force One, for which I pay a part of, lie and cheat and steal and whore around on his wife just after having his ‘baby’ is disgusting. The guy was even banned from the funeral of one of the most admired American heros, John McCain, because he is such an...

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Donald Trump Is A Petty Little Man–Still Mad At McCain Even Though He Is Dead

Donald Trump is the most petty, vindictive little prick on the face of the earth. It’s bad enough that he degraded John McCain for ‘getting captured,’ but now that McCain is dead, he is further insulting the deceased Senator and his family. The tradition of the White House is to fly the flag at half mast for a full week if a Member of Congress dies while in office. Trump decided 24 hours was enough and re-raised the flag this morning. Trump also barred his staff from putting out a statement highlighting the incredible sacrifices and service McCain has...

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Trump Supporters Are As Stupid Is, Stupid Does

I, along with most of Americans have had it. People who support Trump are fools, who believe he cares about them. That is the biggest con, ever, yet they have fallen for it. Hey, I don’t care if a dumb person gets duped, but I do care when it affects the rest of us. Donald Trump is a crook, liar, cheater, womanizer and bully of the highest degree. To still support this kind of person is to be as stupid as stupid...

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