Author: George J. Pilibosian

Corrupt, Abusive Donald Trump Has No Business Sitting In The Most Powerful Chair In The World

The night he was elected, I felt sorry for our country. Sorry for the fact that Americans (apparently) elected a man who has no idea what America is really about. And sorry for the fact that Trump is nothing but a lying, cheating, racist A-hole who should never be in charge of a single-location Taco Bell, yet alone heading up the U.S. government. But here we are, and it’s worse than I ever thought it could be. Pretend to give regular Americans a tax cut, that really only helped him and his rich friends: check. Pretend to appease the...

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Wow, How Much Farther Could ‘Attorney General’ Barr Shove His Tongue Up Trump’s Rear?

The nation’s top law enforcement official plans to spend upward of $30,000 at a hotel the president still owns and profits from for a holiday party, according to a blockbuster scoop from the Washington Post’s Jonathan O’Connell and David Fahrenthold. Attorney General William Barr reportedly wants people to believe he’s doing so not to promote his boss’s business, but because no other event space was available in Washington, DC, on a Sunday night four months down the road. The Post says Barr booked a December 8 family holiday party at the Trump International Hotel, and, citing a Justice Department...

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France’s Macron Just Made Donald Trump Look Like A Fool On The World Stage

Bloomberg reports that ‘Emmanuel Macron has thrown his G-7 guests a mid-summit curveball — inviting Iran’s foreign minister for a surprise visit in a move that risks infuriating Donald Trump’s administration. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif flew to Biarritz, the French seaside resort town that’s the site of the summit, on Sunday as leaders met nearby. The French government insisted he wasn’t in the town to join the G-7, but instead to meet nearby with the French foreign minister as part of a bid by Macron to deescalate the crisis.’ Hey, you pull out of a G-7 agreement,...

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Gay ‘Log Cabin Republicans’ Bend Over For Donald Trump Like Dogs In Heat

WTF? The Log Cabin Republicans (gay Republicans) have endorsed the re-election of Donald Trump. I don’t get it. Charles Moran, their ‘spokesman’ has endorsed Trump, claiming Trump has been great for gays. F-U Log Cabin Republicans, and that cones from a gay man. Trump is the most vindictive, divisive, hate-spewing a-hole that ever sat in the Oval Office. Gay, straight, white, black, male, female you name it Trump is a disaster in the making and we can’t even wait for the next election to dump him into the political trash...

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Trump Is So In Over His Head, It Puts Us All In Danger

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We can all joke about what a fool Donald Trump really is, but sadly, he is the President of the United States. He is weak, he is corrupt, and he has no idea how to handle a global disaster. Our enemies are looking, laughing and plotting to strike America while a loser like Trump is in charge. And if you don’t believe that, just...

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Chuck Todd Has Ruined ‘Meet The Press’

I used to make sure that every Sunday morning, I was up in time to catch Meet The Press. It was a well-balanced presentation of the current political issues and discussions. But now, almost half of the show is a ‘commercial’ for the Trump administration. And they only come on so they can make a speech, not be challenged by a panel or even Chuck Todd. Longest-running program in America? Maybe it’s time for it to...

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