Author: George J. Pilibosian

Labor Secretary Acosta On Letting Off Child Rapist Epstein: ‘The World Was Different’ 12 Years Ago

Seriously? Labor Secretary Alex Acosta today made his excuse around letting child rapist Jeffrey Epstein go ‘free’ because things were different 12 years ago?! Sorry, child rape is child rape, whether it happened today or 100 years ago. Asked if he would make the same deal now, Acosta responded: “We live in a very different world. Today’s world treats victims very, very differently.” Acosta claimed many alleged victims were reticent to come forward at the time, making the case more difficult to prosecute. It’s often difficult for prosecutors in such cases, Acosta said, to decide between accepting a guilty...

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Trump Labor Secretary Acosta Will Likely Be Gone By The End Of Tomorrow

President Donald Trump on Tuesday left open the possibility that he might fire Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta over a plea deal he struck last decade with accused child sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein after top congressional Democrats called for his ouster. I would put money on the possibility that Acosta is gone tomorrow. Sexual abuse is too close to the White House and Trump can be the only person in it that will survive such...

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Trump’s Labor Secretary Acosta Must Go–We Can’t Have A Pedophile Enabler In Charge Of Child Labor Laws

ALEX ACOSTA, WHO GOT PEDOPHILE JEFFREY EPSTEIN OFF, AND DONALD TRUMP Acosta must go IMMEDIATELY. The Wall Street Journal reports that “The top Democrats on Capitol Hill called for Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta to resign, putting the party’s most prominent voices behind a push for him to step down over his handling of a case involving a billionaire accused of exploiting underage girls. Mr. Acosta, formerly the U.S. attorney in Miami, struck a plea deal with financier Jeffrey Epstein in 2008 that has come under scrutiny because it ended with a federal nonprosecution agreement that critics charge was too...

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Wars Are No Longer Fought With Tanks, Now They Are Fought With Computers

VLADIMIR PUTIN INFECTED OUR ELECTION, BUT WHO CARES? Donald Trump only does things that stroke his ego, not things that make America a great country. Take the fact that Trump has ignored that our arch enemy, vladimir Putin, interfered with our election in 2016, and did it all through the use of computers. But Trump is stuck on thinking American power is born from the use of tanks, and it’s not. America was born on the idea that our power comes from treating everyone with respect. Tanks were made to defend that principle. But now, technology dictates that wars...

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I Will Me Mowing My Lawn And Cleaning My Toilet On July 4th, So I Don’t Have To Watch Trump Pretending He Is Kim Jong Un

TRUMP WANTS TANKS TO ROLL DOWN PENNSYLVANIA AVE. ON JULY FOURTH, SO HE CAN BE JUST LIKE KIM JONG UN Donald Trump has reportedly requested the chiefs of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines stand next to him during a special Fourth of July event. The US president has said a display of US military tanks will be part of the “Salute to America” event he is headlining in Washington on Thursday. There is also expected to be a military demonstration by the US Navy Blue Angels and other...

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Ironically, Donald Trump Is Making America Just Another ‘Third World’ Country

President Donald Trump referred to Haiti and African nations as “shithole countries” during a meeting with a bipartisan group of senators at the White House last year, a Democratic aide briefed on that Thursday’s meeting told NBC News. Trump’s comments were first reported by The Washington Post, which said the nations referred to by Trump also included El Salvador. Sadly, many of the things Trump does and says are reflective of a leader of a country that is disrespected by the rest of the world, and that includes cozying up to murderous dictators and locking immigrant children in...

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