Author: George J. Pilibosian

Do Looks Matter? What Do You Think Of Fat Politicians?

FORMER NEW JERSEY GOVERNOR, CHRIS CHRISTIE I don’t know about you, but I have always tried to watch my weight – I always thought that is part of being a responsible, disciplined person. That is why I have such a hard time respecting senior political figures who have let their physical selfs go off a cliff. I have to ask, if they can’t control their eating/drinking or whatever, how could they ever lead the rest of us to a good...

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Enough With The Drugs Already!

Americans pay more for drugs and medical devices than any other country. Big Pharma follows potential patients everywhere — on TV, in print and online. Companies spend billions advertising to doctors to get them prescribe their brand-name drugs and devices. They also spend billions paying criminal and civil settlements resulting from fraudulent marketing. Do these practices empower patients or expose them to newer, riskier and more expensive drugs and devices? I am sure you have memorized all of the names of all of the drugs we are constantly told to buy on TV (I know I have): Cialis, Eliquis,...

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Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Soars To Instant Stardom, And It’s A Good Thing

Even some of her Democratic colleagues think that the newest, youngest-ever member of Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is getting too much attention in the social media sphere. She has accounted for more Twitter interactions in a month than the top five media companies combined, according to CrowdTangle data, reports Axios. But what, after all is wrong with the idea that a member of Congress knows how to embrace social media and use it to her great advantage? There is nothing wrong with that, and in fact, anyone who wants to lead our government needs that skill today. Just look at...

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Look At ‘Gay Liddle Lindsey’ Go!

Ever since John McCain died, Lindsey Graham seems to have been sowing his oats, not afraid, even eager, to embrace Donald Trump in any way he can, maybe Trump is his new ‘daddy.’ And Graham has been so into building Trump’s wall lately, as though it is some sort of aphrodisiac for him. We feel it is OK to say he want’s Trump’s ‘hard’ wall, because a softer wall, like, say using technology to stop illegal immigrants, would be smarter. But no, Lindsey wants hard concrete to satisfy ‘The Donald.’ It is hard to know just want got stuck...

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Is Donald Trump A Russian Spy?

Donald Trump may very well be working for the Russian government. According to the Times’ report, the FBI’s investigation was related to whether Trump had obstructed justice by firing Comey but also included a counterintelligence component on whether Trump was knowingly working for Russia or had fallen under the Kremlin’s influence — a revelation that had not been previously reported. Friday’s report was based in part on the accounts of unnamed former law enforcement officials, “others familiar with the investigation” and former FBI general counsel James. A Baker’s private congressional...

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Enough Already With Born-Rich Brats Becoming President Of The United States

What’s it gonna take for American voters to realize that born-rich brats make horrible presidents? They have no idea how to run anything, yet alone a Taco Bell. Just look at born-rich George Bush junior, who never had a real job, until he became president, and when he got that job, he started a disasterous war in Iraq and almost destroyed the American economy. Then take born-rich Donald Trump who is now destroying the economy fixed by Barrack Obama, and who shut down the government because he wants his little dick to be protected by a tiny wall. Bring...

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