Author: George J. Pilibosian

Trump Is Now Collaborating With Putin To Cheat In The 2020 Election

CNN has just reported that “President Donald Trump said he briefly discussed special counsel Robert Mueller’s report in a call with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, but didn’t warn his Russian counterpart to not meddle in the next US election. “We didn’t discuss that. Really, we didn’t discuss it. We discussed five or six things. We also went into great detail on various things,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office after the phone call, which occurred on Friday...

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The Attorney For The United States, William Barr, Is Afraid To Answer Questions From Congress?!

What the Hell is Barr hiding? Barr has informed the House Judiciary Committee that he would not appear for its scheduled hearing on Thursday because of the panel’s insistence that he be questioned by committee lawyers as well as lawmakers. That refusal sets the stage for Barr to possibly be held in contempt of Congress. At Wednesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee session, Barr said he had been surprised Mueller did not reach a conclusion on whether Trump had tried to obstruct justice, and that he had felt compelled to step in with his own judgment that the president had committed...

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Joe Biden Gives Shoulder Rubs, While Donald Trump Grabs Pussy Whenever He Wants

DONALD TRUMP WITH TWO PLAYBOY BUNNIES, ONE OF WHOM IS NOW THE ‘FIRST LADY’ I find it amusing that Donald Trump feels he can grab a woman’s pussy, whether she likes it or not, while when Joe Biden gives someone a shoulder rub, that is abusive. Wait, what? That’s just nuts, and anyone who still supports Donald Trump should be shipped to Mexico and if they want to come back, climb over the fucking...

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Trump Celebrates The Fact That Russia And North Korea Are Ganging Up Against The U.S. Wait, What?!

So, the biggest enemies of the United States of America, Russia and North Korea, just met. Gee, what do you think they talked about? World domination? Building bigger nuclear weapons? How stupid Donald Trump, the President of the United States, really is? We know they talked about all of that. This is a time when America needs a real president, one who won’t cause World War...

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Regarding Mueller, Rod Rosenstein Told Trump He ‘Can Land The Plane’

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has always seemed to be one who bows to pressure. For example, The Daily Beast writes this: ‘Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein reportedly convinced Trump not to fire him after a damming New York Times article implicated him in a plan to secretly record the president, The Washington Post reports. Rosenstein allegedly denied the Times’ reporting, and argued that the president needed to keep him so that the Mueller Report, which Rosenstein oversaw, maintained credibility. “I give the investigation credibility,” Rosenstein allegedly said, according to one administration official. “I can land the plane.” Rosenstein...

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