Author: George J. Pilibosian

Porn Star Stormy Daniels Outsmarts The President, Donald Trump

It is looking like the famous porn star known as ‘Stormy Daniels’ has better lawyers than President Donald Trump. She has found a loop hole in the agreement to pay her $130,000 to shut up about their sex-capades just before the 2016 presidential election. Problem is, while the money was paid, Trump never signed the agreement. Wow, Mr. Dealmaker can’t even make an effective deal with a porn star. It is clear Trump lets his little parts rule...

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WATCH: Porn Star Stormy Daniels Just Screwed President Trump In Public

The famous porn star, Stormy Daniels (to see how famous, just go to, just had her attorney tell NBC’s Today show on Wednesday that the porn star had a sexual relationship with President Donald Trump in 2006 and she intends to reveal the truth about the alleged affair. “Let’s not bother to be delicate,” Today co-host Savannah Guthrie told lawyer Michael Avenatti. “Did she have a sexual relationship with the president?” “Yes,” Avenatti replied. Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen and the White House have denied allegations of an affair between Trump and Daniels. Last month, Cohen admitted to paying...

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WATCH: Donald Trump Wants To Be President For Life, Just Like China’s President

Look, Trump supporters say, this was a funny joke. Well, at least not to a freedom-loving American who understands what it took us to become free. Eliminating dictators, family-run governments, these are the things that made America great, the way it has been since its founding. For Liddle Donnie to make a ‘joke’ about how he would like to be a dictator, is the most traitorous and criminal action a president of the great United States of America could ever make....

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It’s Time to Take Mitch McConnell off of His 30-Year-Long Welfare Plan

We all know that Senate Leader Mitch McConnell has been milking the government for a paycheck for 30 years. He does nothing and admits it. But now, he is doing worse than ‘nothing,’ because he wants to take health care away from 23 million Americans, just so he can keep collecting his government check. Sorry Mitch, in the words of George W. Bush, ‘it is time for you to find a real job.’ Oh, and don’t let the door hit you on the way...

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Trump Pretends To Be For Gun Control While On Live TV, Then Bends Over For The NRA Behind Closed Doors

Donald Trump held a remarkable public meeting with lawmakers at the White House on Wednesday, throwing out ideas on gun-control and school-safety measures back and forth with Republicans and Democrats. To the happy surprise of Democrats, Trump appeared to throw some support behind their proposals and shut down some favored Republican ideas. At one point he tried to persuade Republicans to be less “afraid of the NRA.” He even said we should consider taking guns away from people without ‘due process.’ It’s not surprising that Republican members of Congress went nuts over these comments. But, alas, the next night,...

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