Author: Jake Gibson

Feds surveilled, but didn’t record, Michael Cohen’s phone calls, sources say

FOX NEWS Fox News has learned that federal investigators kept a register of phone calls made by President Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, but those calls were not recorded, contrary to an earlier report by NBC News. Sources with knowledge of the proceedings told Fox News that investigators used a pen register, or dialed number recorder (DNR), on at least one of Cohen’s phones. A pen register records all numbers dialed from a given phone number, as well as the length of each call. The National Security Agency (NSA) gathers similar information, which is sometimes referred to as metadata....

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DOJ official who concealed meetings with Trump dossier figures loses another job title

FOX NEWS A Justice Department official demoted late last year for concealing his meetings with the men behind the anti-Trump “dossier” has been stripped of yet another title, Fox News has learned. Bruce Ohr is no longer head of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces. Separately, sources familiar with the discussions tell Fox News that the Justice Department is expected to comply with demands from the House Intelligence Committee to provide Ohr for an interview. He is scheduled to visit the committee on Jan. 17, sources said. Fox News first reported in December that Ohr had been demoted...

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