Author: James Piscipo

Do American Presidents Have Too Much Power? Trump Certainly Does.

TRUMP INTERNATIONAL HOTEL IN D.C., OWNED BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT BUT GIVING TRUMP ITS PROFITS. WAIT, WHAT?! Impeach or not to impeach? There are way too many questions right now about whether or not Trump should be impeached. Of course he should: Trump has been using his incredible power to enrich himself, his family and to stave away the legal forces that may very well take him down. But this all begs the question: Should we really give our presidents that much power? If you answer ‘yes,’ you need to be honest with yourself – because we have all...

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Judge Ellis Sucks Off Donald Trump, Gives Manafort Just 47 Months In Jail

JUST ANOTHER OLD WHITE MALE WHO LOVES TO ABUSE GOT MANAFORT OFF IN PUBLIC A federal judge in Virginia sentenced former Trump campaign chairman and longtime Republican operative Paul Manafort to less than four years in prison on Thursday in a case that grew out of Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. The prison term, handed down by U.S. District Court Judge T. S. Ellis III in a packed federal courtroom in suburban Virginia, is the first of two sentences for Manafort, who turns 70 next month. Judge Ellis said he believed...

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Donald Trump And Roger Stone Are The Real Life ‘Dumb And Dumber’

We all know how just plain stupid Donald Trump really is, which is why he had Michael Cohen threaten Trump’s past schools to never, ever dare release Trump’s grade transcripts to the public. We also all know that means Trump only got through school only because daddy paid the schools off. Otherwise, Trump would have plastered his transcripts all over the place, so he could brag how he really does ‘know big words.’ But now we have an even dumber ‘Trump,’ Trump’s schill and sell out, Roger Stone. USA Today reports that ‘A federal judge warned Roger Stone, the...

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Trump Runs Our Government Like Ken Lay Ran Enron: Promise The World, Deliver Total Failure And Legal Indictments

KEN LAY IS THE DISCRACED CEO OF ENRON, THE BIGGEST CON JOB EVER TO HIT AMERICA. THAT WAS UNTIL NOW. The principles of marketing are the same principles that apply to anything a person can do to become successful. Marketing is really just a way to get people to ‘look over here,’ so they don’t ‘look over there.’ And by God, if Donald Trump is good at one thing, he is good at the distraction aspect of marketing. However, he is miserably failing at the most important part of good marketing: he always promises what he can’t, and has...

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WATCH: Congressman Clay Higgins Didn’t Know Who Michael Cohen Was Until His Appearance In Front Of Congress Two Days Ago

HOLDING ‘THE HOLY BIBLE’ REP. CLAY HIGGINS SAYS ‘KILL THEM ALL.’ THIS IS WHAT WE ALLOW TO PASS FOR A CONGRESSMAN? I mean, seriously, Clay, ‘you didn’t know who Michael Cohen was until two days ago?!’ Jeez, you are (supposed to be) a member of Congress. I mean, I have even spoken with panhandlers on the local streets, and THEY KNOW WHO MICHAEL COHEN IS. So, then, we are faced with two possibilities regarding your ability to remain in Congress. Either, you are so completely out of touch with what is going on in the world, even your world...

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