Author: James Piscipo

The Only Person In The Meeting Between Trump And Putin Is A Translator Hired By Putin, Ex-Head Of The KGB

Think about this: The only person in the room during the meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin was a translator hired by Putin (and one hired by Trump who knows nothing about the Russian mafia). Digest that idea and then decide if you think Trump is for America or is it that Trump is for Making Russia Great...

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‘Baby Trump’ Will Fly Over London As He Arrives There

London mayor Sadiq Khan has approved the flight of a six-metre-high blimp, which depicts Donald Trump as a cartoon baby, over the Houses of Parliament during the American president’s visit to the UK this week. The orange Trump Baby is due to fly for two hours over Parliament Square Gardens, next to the Houses of Parliament, on 13 July 2018, in protest of Trump’s...

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Trump Uses Innocent Children To Tell The World That ‘Brown’ People Are Not Welcome In America

As reported by Politifact: “Following the initial uproar over President Donald Trump’s zero tolerance border policy, the focus shifted from the administration’s separation of families, to questions about what it was doing to put families back together. Media reports highlighting immigrants’ often fruitless attempts to reunite with relatives depicted a federal government ill-prepared to put thousands of parents back in touch with their children. “There isn’t a system,” Rachel Maddow said June 21. “There isn’t a database … connecting the parent from whom the kid was separated, and the kid from whom the parent is separated.” They reported that,...

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Remind Me Again Why Dictator Trump Is In Office? He Lost By 3 MILLION votes?!

It’s clear Donald Trump is a huge fan of Russian President Vladimir Putin. But whistleblower Edward Snowden says Americans shouldn’t get their hopes up that special counsel Robert Mueller is going to nail the U.S. president for colluding with the Kremlin. “There’s no one in this world that [Trump] loves more than the Russian president,” said Snowden, who exposed eavesdropping by the National Security Agency five years ago and now lives in exile in Russia, a fugitive from U.S. espionage charges. “I think people are asking for too much when they hope that the Mueller investigation is going to...

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Trump Wants To Invade Venezuela, For Some Reason

Why can’t the U.S. just invade Venezuela? That was what U.S. President Donald Trump reportedly asked aides after being briefed on the troubled Latin American country. According to the Associated Press on Wednesday, Trump had a meeting in the Oval Office last August to discuss sanctions on Venezuela with, among others, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and national security adviser H.R. McMaster — both now former members of the administration. They were, according to the AP report, “stunned” by the president’s suggestion, which led to McMaster and others explaining how military action could backfire and risk losing support among...

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Donald Trump, Snowflake-In-Chief

Have we ever seen such a wimp who is President of the United States? The answer is, of course, no. Donald is so weak and insecure that he has to respond to every negative comment made about him, even by actors. The serious question here is what the heck is he NOT doing to protect America as he tweets about how mean Alec Baldwin is to...

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