Author: James Piscipo

Mob Boss Donald Trump Needs To Go To Jail, Just Like All Of His Minions

What a mess, and I don’t mean the U.S. government is a mess, I mean that the ‘man’ trying to run it is a mess. Nasty, abusive, lying Donald Trump. He has no idea how tough his life would be if his daddy didn’t enrich him, just for being born, with hundreds of millions of dollars. It is so insulting to all of us regular Americans to see a born-rich brat tell the rest of us who can’t buy food to ‘just make a deal with your local grocer.’ Make a deal with your local grocer?!!! I can guarantee...

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‘Trump Mob’ Aid Roger Stone Arrested In FBI Raid For Obstructing Justice

Roger Stone, a longtime aide and confidant of President Donald Trump, was arrested early Friday morning by the FBI after being indicted on charges he lied to Congress and obstructed the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election. The seven-count indictment alleges Stone misled lawmakers on the committee about his efforts to communicate with WikiLeaks and his contacts with the Trump campaign. It also accuses Stone of attempting to intimidate another witness: radio host Randy Credico, who was in contact with WikiLeaks head Julian Assange in...

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Nancy Pelosi Just Made Donald Trump Crawl Into A Corner And Pout

In this game of who would blink first in this shutdown showdown, it was, perhaps surprisingly, President Trump. Late Wednesday night, the president put out a tweet saying he would defer to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and not deliver a State of the Union address until the government is back open. Oh, it is so great to have a real and powerful woman in...

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Nancy Pelosi Just Slapped Trump In The Fat Ass: No State Of The Union Address For You Liddle Donnie

SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE AND THIRD-IN-LINE FOR THE U.S. PRESIDENCY, NANCY PELOSI President Donald Trump says he is planning to deliver his State of the Union address next week in front of a joint session of Congress — despite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s request that he delay. Trump issued a letter to Pelosi on Wednesday. In it he dismisses her suggestion the speech should be postponed or delivered in writing due to security issues related to the partial government shutdown. Declaring there are “no security concerns,” Trump says he will fulfill his “Constitutional duty.” Pelosi, as the speaker, can...

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America Becomes A Garbage Heap While Trump Sits On His Fat Ass, Watching TV

TRASH PILES UP IN US PARKS WHILE THE GOVERNMENT REMAINS PARTIALLY SHUT DOWN Thousands of business, political and cultural leaders are scheduled to return to the Swiss Alpine town of Davos on Monday. The annual forum is seen as an opportunity for international heads of state to come together to try and put the world to rights. But, this year’s five-day event is without its main attraction of 2018, after Trump abruptly scrapped plans to join other world leaders at the forum due to the ongoing government shutdown. Whatever happened to all of this ‘winning’ Trump promised if he...

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‘Art Of The Deal’ Trump Can’t Even Keep The Richest Government On The Planet Open

ONE OF THE MANY TRUMP CASINOS SHUT DOWN, BECAUSE TRUMP COULDN’T MAKE A PROFIT Anyone who voted for Trump should have seen this coming: Donald Trump couldn’t even make a profit owning casinos. CASINOS, where the house always wins! Well, only if they aren’t owned by Donald Trump. Now, fast-forward to Trump as President of the richest, most powerful country in the world, and Trump can’t even keep THAT open. Like I said, it shouldn’t be a surprise. So Trump voters out there, start looking at reality and keep America great by USING YOUR...

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