Author: James Piscipo

After Deadliest Shooting Massacre In US History, White House Says ‘Now Is Not The Time To Talk About Gun Control’

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Monday said now was not the time for a debate on gun control, but rather that today was “a day of reflection, a day of mourning” for the victims in Sunday’s deadly Las Vegas shooting. Are you sh@tting me? What is wrong this Trump Administration? This is messed up. We just had the biggest mass killing in America’s history and ‘now is not the time’ to talk about gun...

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Las Vegas Gunman Had Ten Guns In His Hotel Room And His Family Is ‘Shocked’ About What He Did

Police identified the shooter as Stephen Paddock, 64, from Mesquite, Nevada. (FACEBOOK) The family of this man says they are just ‘shocked’ he would do this, and say they saw no signs that this may be something that he would do. But police also reported that he had eleven guns in his Madalay hotel room. Eleven guns. His family is either deaf and blind or they know more than they are...

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Trump Has Just Made A Total Fool Of His Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson

President Donald Trump, who has spent most of this weekend using Twitter to bully beleaguered Puerto Rican authorities in the middle of the post-Hurricane Maria humanitarian crisis, cannot stop mashing that shitty tweet button. On Sunday morning, Trump abruptly announced on Twitter “our wonderful Secretary of State” Rex Tillerson is “wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man” Kim Jong Un over North Korea’s nuclear program, directing him to “save your energy Rex, we’ll do what has to be done!” I don’t know about you, but I sure as heck am worried about the ‘direction’ of US...

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Trump Divides America Along Racial Lines And Our Foreign Enemies See It As Opportunity To Attack

Donald Trump has pissed off just about everyone around the world, except for the 30% of Americans who think he is just great. The problem is, the rest of us ‘thinking’ Americans are being divided among gender and racial lines by Trump and our foreign enemies are joyful because a divided America is much easier to destroy than one that is united. Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un are celebrating as we watch Sunday...

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Trump Campaign Director Manafort Will Likely Be Indicted, Says FBI

Prosecutors on special counsel Robert Mueller’s team reportedly told former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort that they planned to indict him when they picked his lock and raided his Virginia home in July. The warning, allegedly a shock-and-awe tactic, came as federal agents combed through Manafort’s computer files, documents and any other potential pieces of evidence that could help them in their federal investigation, The New York Times reported Monday, citing two people close to the investigation. It appears this is just the beginning of the dirt Special Counsel Mueller is digging up in the Russia...

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Facebook Is In Deep, Deep Trouble Over Russia’s Involvement In The U.S. Election

SPECIAL COUNSEL ROBERT MUELLER INVESTIGATING FACEBOOK Over a year ago, we knew that Facebook was playing some sort of game with their advertising system. Here is how we knew: A business, or a person, can pay Facebook to promote their content. We did, and when we did, they asked us which specific audience we wanted to reach. Considering that we favored Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, we asked to reach an audience that was favorable to Democrats, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Even after paying Facebook thousands with that request, we got nothing but rabid pro-Trump comments that seemed...

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