Author: James Piscipo

Fight Like A Girl

It sure looks as though 2018 is going to be the year of women. USA Today has reported this about the current uprising of American women: ‘LAS VEGAS — Marches for women’s empowerment rolled across the globe for a second day Sunday with rallies from Australia to Zambia and in the United States from New York to Vancouver, Wash. The events took place against a backdrop of political dysfunction in Washington as the federal government shutdown stumbled into its own second day Sunday. In the U.S., a power-to-the-polls theme focused on registering voters and encouraging women to run for...

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The Buck Stops Here: The Government Shutdown Blame Game

A fish rots from the head, and Trump’s head is rotting faster that a frog jumps out of a pot of boiling water. Remember the now famous quote from President Truman, ‘The Buck Stops Here?’ He meant that whatever happens in the federal government, the president is responsible. If the government shuts down, it will be Trump’s responsibility....

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Wow! Trump Sucks Up To Democrat Chuck Schumer To Avoid Government Shutdown!

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said the Trump-Schumer meeting gives her optimism that things could be heading in the right direction. “I’m optimistic that that overture was made hopefully to be constructive,” Pelosi said today. “We’ll see when they out of the room.” She said Schumer is “well aware of the priorities that we share” and expects to get a readout afterward. “We have to know what the president will sign. Hopefully Mr. Schumer will find out.” She quipped that she basically does not envy Schumer’s position right now, smiling as she said, “I’m so glad Schumer is the...

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Trump Chooses To Skip MLK Events And Play Golf Instead

Trump golfed on Monday, skipping the traditional volunteer activities with which other presidents have engaged on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, CNN reported. Neither Trump nor Vice President Mike Pence had any scheduled events for Monday, according to White House press guidance emails. Pence on Monday posted a video of him laying a wreath at the memorial to King in Washington, D.C. the previous day, and the White House released a pre-recorded statement from Trump honoring the federal holiday. It couldn’t be more clear, now, that Trump doesn’t want to be re-elected. This unbelievable snub, especially after calling African...

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Secretary Of State Tillerson Now Needs To Step Up Or Step Out

So now that it has been confirmed that Donald Trump called African nations ‘shitholes,’ Secretary of State Rex Tillerson needs to make a public statement that Trump’s comments do not reflect the sentiment of America. It’s showtime for Tillerson, because what he chooses to do next will either make him a guiding light for America or it will make him unemployed. Good luck,...

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Trump A ‘Con Man, Liar, Idiot’ Who ‘Sold Us A Bag Of S***,’ Ex-Union Boss Tells Carrier Workers Amid Layoffs

Remember how Trump bragged about how he saved jobs at Carrier from going to Mexico early last year? Wll, former United Steelworkers President Chuck Jones on Wednesday blasted President Donald Trump for failing to prevent layoffs at Carrier even though he has taken credit for saving jobs at the company by negotiating $7 million in tax incentives. Carrier announced earlier this week that 215 workers would be laid off at its Indianapolis plant on Thursday. The announcement came a year after Trump claimed he had saved over 2,000 jobs by threatening to “tax the hell” out of the company...

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