Author: James Piscipo

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says Nancy Pelosi ‘Should Smile More,’ Seriously?!

Of all people to accuse others of not ‘smiling enough,’ Trump’s spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, is hardly one who should be doing so. In an appearance on CNN’s “New Day” Wednesday morning, Sanders defended the president’s attempt to deliver a bipartisan speech, which some said contained an uncharacteristic sense of optimism that stood at odds with his extremist actions. Asked how the president could serve as a unifying force, Sanders brought up Pelosi and bizarrely suggested that, were she to smile more, “the country would be better for it.” Sanders frowns more than anyone in the government, it seems....

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Traitor? ‘Liddle Donnie’ Coddles Russian Intelligence Agencies While Decimating Our FBI And CIA

It is hard not to ask the question: whose ‘team’ is Liddle Donnie on? I mean he can say nothing bad about the corrupt Russian government and its even more corrupt ‘leader,’ you know, the guy who just jailed his political opponent. Yet Trump has worked hard to decimate the US Intelligence agencies, firing their leaders and calling them corrupt. America, we have a problem here. P.S.: If Trump wants to call people school-yard names, we can all do it. Leadership 101,...

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The Biggest Danger Trump Poses To America Is Our Loss Of Honesty And Integrity

My parents always told me to tell the truth, respect others and never abuse the ones you love. They were hardly perfect in any one of those areas, but at least they tried to make me understand the importance of doing your best. Now, America has voted into the Oval Office a ‘man’–which is being too gracious–who has never told the truth, respected others, or avoided abusing those who he thinks don’t love him. So, I am totally conflicted here. My parents were avowed Republicans and I think they would be the first ones in line today to disavow...

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Fight Like A Girl

It sure looks as though 2018 is going to be the year of women. USA Today has reported this about the current uprising of American women: ‘LAS VEGAS — Marches for women’s empowerment rolled across the globe for a second day Sunday with rallies from Australia to Zambia and in the United States from New York to Vancouver, Wash. The events took place against a backdrop of political dysfunction in Washington as the federal government shutdown stumbled into its own second day Sunday. In the U.S., a power-to-the-polls theme focused on registering voters and encouraging women to run for...

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The Buck Stops Here: The Government Shutdown Blame Game

A fish rots from the head, and Trump’s head is rotting faster that a frog jumps out of a pot of boiling water. Remember the now famous quote from President Truman, ‘The Buck Stops Here?’ He meant that whatever happens in the federal government, the president is responsible. If the government shuts down, it will be Trump’s responsibility....

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Wow! Trump Sucks Up To Democrat Chuck Schumer To Avoid Government Shutdown!

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said the Trump-Schumer meeting gives her optimism that things could be heading in the right direction. “I’m optimistic that that overture was made hopefully to be constructive,” Pelosi said today. “We’ll see when they out of the room.” She said Schumer is “well aware of the priorities that we share” and expects to get a readout afterward. “We have to know what the president will sign. Hopefully Mr. Schumer will find out.” She quipped that she basically does not envy Schumer’s position right now, smiling as she said, “I’m so glad Schumer is the...

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