Author: James Piscipo

Trump’s Last Week Of Freedom

Poor Liddle Donnie, he knows that in a week his fantastic world of greatness is about to come crashing down on his orange hairpiece. His strength is being challenged, even by House Speaker Paul Ryan. Before now, Paul Ryan has been a WAll Trump could climb. But that wall seems to be higher than any wall Trump could ever climb. Not just because he is so horribly out of shape, which he is, but because Trump doesn’t have the manhood to defend his indefensible being. That’s because even Paul Ryan, a Trump sycophant, thinks he is a total loser....

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GOOD NEWS: Donald Trump Says We Dont Have To Obey The Law Or Pay Taxes!

I am so relieved! I always worry I may get in trouble with the ‘law’ if I accidentally speed while driving, or get audited over my taxes, because we all know, the law and taxes are fears we all face. But America has changed: We now have a president who doesn’t follow those rules, and he is our leader, so we must follow his lead. I love it, no more paying taxes, no more worrying about pesky little laws, no more trying to be a model citizen and not cheating on your partner! Woo Hoo! America has become the...

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Senator Lindsay Graham Is Gay As Gay Can Be And He Keeps Bending Over For Trump

Chelsea Handler put it this way: ‘Chelsea Handler is under fire for a tweet about South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, where she implied that the politician is gay and is being blackmailed by the Trump administration because of it. “Holy f— f—. I just the video of trump’s bipartisan ‘meeting’ yesterday. Hey @LindseyGrahamSC what kind of d–k-sucking video do they have on you for you 2 be acting like this? Wouldn’t coming out be more honorable?” Handler said in the tweet.’ But yet, Graham keeps bending over for sex addict Donald Trump: ‘South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham was pressed...

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The Walls Are Closing In On ‘Liddle Donny’

Oh how ‘The Donald’ has become the village idiot. This guy has no idea how to be the President of the United States. What makes it worse for Donny is that he is a crook and a tax cheat and he is about to be tossed out and locked up. The poor thing shows us all what a bad combination being a crook and being stupid at the same time is a very dangerous...

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Congress Needs To Shove Trump Aside And Start Working To Make America Great Again

Donald Trump is the most failed president in history. He has done nothing but enrich himself and his family. This guy doesn’t care about you, but I even wonder if Republican members of Congress care about you, either. It’s pretty clear, as they fear Trump, for what reason I have no idea, they are just letting Trump stomp all over the U.S. Constitution. Step up Congress, you are making at least $176,000 per year, paid for by our taxes, to make America great. Go do...

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WATCH:Donald Trump Is America’s Traitor-In-Chief

Donald Trump’s senior national security officials said they were speaking for the president when they stood together in the White House Thursday and vowed to combat ongoing Russian cyber meddling. But Trump himself remained silent. In an unusual appearance in the White House briefing room, several top security and intelligence chiefs accused Moscow of ongoing influence operations, ranging from social media disinformation campaigns to attempts to hack political targets and infiltrate the country’s electoral infrastructure. “We continue to see a pervasive messaging campaign by Russia to try to weaken and divide the United States,” Director of National Intelligence Dan...

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