Author: JM Rieger

Rudolph W. Giuliani is actually making faces to cast doubt on DOJ investigations

by JM Rieger August 5 at 8:00 AM Email the author Over the past three months, President Trump has sent his lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani on a public-relations campaign to undermine the investigations surrounding Trump before they even conclude. Part of Giuliani’s rhetorical tactics — which you can watch in the video above — include dramatic facial expressions, laughs, sighs and over-the-top reactions, which he employs liberally and are meant to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the questions or topics in interviews to which he has agreed. In July, Giuliani made a number of bewildered facial expressions during a...

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The Trump administration changed its story on family separation no fewer than 14 times before ending the policy

First it was a deterrent. Then it wasn’t. It was a new Justice Department policy. Then it wasn’t. The Trump administration was simply following the law. Then it said separations weren’t required by law. It could not be reversed by executive order. Then it was. President Trump’s political gambit to force an immigration bill through Congress backfired Wednesday amid a series of wildly contradictory statements — which you can see for yourself in the video above — from a White House that has been without a communications director since Hope Hicks left in March. As outrage grew over Trump’s...

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As Russia probe enters year two, Republicans refuse to protect Mueller

As the special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election hits the one-year mark this week, its existence remains controversial and its fate — specifically whether President Trump will cooperate with it or seek to end it by firing Robert S. Mueller III — is a topic of constant speculation. Trump continues to call the investigation a “witch hunt,” even though the probe has led to indictments of 19 individuals and three companies. Last week, Vice President Pence also called for an end to Mueller’s investigation. “Our administration has provided over a million documents, we’ve fully cooperated...

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