Author: Judson Berger

Trump blasts New York Times over TV-binging claim: 'Wrong!'

FOX NEWS President Trump slammed The New York Times on Monday morning over what he called a “false” story claiming he watches up to eight hours of television a day – while taking yet another swipe at CNN and MSNBC. The tweet came as his administration was dealing with the response to the rush-hour explosion Monday morning in New York City. The president was briefed on the incident, now described as an attempted terrorist attack. But he soon turned his attention back to his battle with the media that’s been in full swing since last week. “Another false story,...

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FBI Director Wray grilled by Republicans over ‘bias’ concerns in Russia, Clinton email cases

FOX NEWS FBI Director Christopher Wray faced heated questions Thursday from House Republicans concerned that top officials in his agency are “tainted by bias” – in connection with both the 2016 Hillary Clinton email probe and ongoing Russia meddling probe – though the bureau boss cited an ongoing investigation as he repeatedly declined to address their complaints in detail.  “It’s important that we not jump first and ask questions later,” Wray told lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee. The hearing came as his bureau comes under rhetorical assault from President Trump – who appointed Wray to succeed ousted James...

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Republicans allege DOJ ‘double standard’ as Mueller probe takes heat

FOX NEWS Allegations of anti-Trump bias inside Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team are reviving Republican claims of a “double standard” at the Justice Department, with GOP critics saying Hillary Clinton enjoyed comparatively “special” treatment when she was investigated over her personal email use as secretary of state. “Hillary Clinton gets special justice, and at the same time we’re siccing people who hate the president … on him and that’s deeply unfair,” Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., told “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday morning. “Hillary Clinton gets special justice, and at the same time we’re siccing people who hate the president...

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Gorsuch confirmed to Supreme Court

FOX NEWS The Senate confirmed Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court on Friday, filling the critical ninth seat that has been vacant for over a year and capping a tumultuous debate that saw Republicans overhaul the way the chamber operates in order to overcome what they described as an unprecedented Democratic filibuster. The 54-45 vote is expected to restore a 5-4 conservative tilt on the bench. Once sworn in, Gorsuch will join the court and begin to hear cases, in the seat once held by the late Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in February 2016. “He’s going to make...

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