Author: Kimberly Leonard

Maine Gov. Paul LePage to hold up Obamacare Medicaid expansion after voters OK it

FOX NEWS Maine Gov. Paul LePage says he will not move to expand Medicaid in the state without a plan from lawmakers to pay for it.  (AP) Maine Gov. Paul LePage said Wednesday he would not move to expand Medicaid in the state until lawmakers find a way to pay for it, a day after voters advanced a move to expand the program through a ballot measure. “Credit agencies are predicting that this fiscally irresponsible Medicaid expansion will be ruinous to Maine’s budget,” LePage, a Republican, said in a statement. “Therefore, my administration will not implement Medicaid expansion until...

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Trump administration delays key ObamaCare deadline for insurance

FOX NEWS The Trump administration on Thursday gave insurers three more weeks to submit premium rate requests for coverage sold under Obamacare, according to a memo from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The original deadline of Aug. 16 was pushed back to Sept. 5 for plans sold on, the site 39 states use. It comes at a time when insurers are waiting to find out what will happen to subsidies they have been receiving under the law. The payments, called cost-sharing reduction subsidies, are mired in a legal battle that began under the Obama administration, and President Trump...

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