Author: Kwotable Editorial Staff

Why Hope Hicks Is (Almost) As Bad As The ‘Tribe’ She Hangs With

We have received a lot of feedback that our commentary on Hope Hicks has been just as sexist as Trump himself. But we stand by what we have reported. Hope Hicks has ‘associated ‘ herself with some of the most sexist and abusive men on the planet. And even worse, they have more power than the average sexist, abusive man on the planet. Her lack of actual qualifications, combined with her apparent need to be connected with such men, and we do mean ‘men,’ paints an ugly picture of what Hope Hicks is all about. While some may call...

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Decision Time: Is America Really Willing To Throw Our Democracy To A Total Racist?

Most people I know, including my own family, came to America from other countries to escape racism, physical abuse, and even death to come to get freedom from all of that. President Trump could not give a ‘shithole’ about all of that, because he thinks Armenians (like me) or anyone else who isn’t purely white is a threat to America. No, racist Trump is the biggest threat to America and he must be extinguished right away if we want the American Dream to live...

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