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We Just Contacted Congress To Tell Them We Need Better Gun Control Laws, You Should, Too

Believe it or not, Congress doesn’t really get many phone calls, emails or text messages from us, the people. That is why, when we do it, we make an impact. Let’s be real, they just want to keep their jobs and they work for us, not the president. If you care about the fact the gun violence has gotten completely out of control, you should contact your representatives in Congress and tell them you want action. That is the only way this will change. We make it easy for you, just put your zip code in the box below...

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We Have An Empty Oval Office And We Need To Find A Proper President To Occupy It Now

Kwotable has become tired of pointing out the failings of President Trump, we just are. We want to move forward and find a path forward, a path that will allow us to find a great president. There are just three years until the next presidential election and we don’t seem to have a stellar candidate who has stepped forward, from any party. Because Trump has become such a failure, the choice for the next president must start to be made TODAY, and those who think they can lead this country cannot wait, they must step forward right...

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Kwotable Now Lets You Tell Congress What You Feel–Loud and Clear!

We’re here to provide you with the latest information about what our leaders and those with power are saying and doing, so that you can respond with your own voice. With the help of COUNTABLE, we now make it as easy as possible for you to contact Congress, and to let you have your say with your government representatives. By utilizing the COUNTABLE database, we’ve made it simple for you to email or send a personal video to your government representatives. The system will also keep track of your activities, so that you can follow up at a later...

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