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WATCH: Trump Has ‘Nancy Envy,’ Gets Behind Press Podium For The First Time Ever

‘Liddle Donnie’ just couldn’t stand to watch ’New Boss Nancy’ get all of the press coverage today, so what does he do? He tries to turn the attention to himself, by standing behind the press briefing podium for the first time ever. Problem was, he had nothing to say and the end result was that he looked like a foolish media whore. Watch it...

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Finally, Today, A New, Diverse And Untarnished Group Of People Take Power In Congress

NBC News reports the great thing that is happening today, something that should have happened decades ago: dozens of newly elected members of Congress who represent the broadest group of women and minorities than ever. Even better, many faces new to politics who are not part of the stained establishment. Let’s make America great again: ‘The newly elected members of the House of Representatives took their “class photo” on Wednesday, providing visual proof of the history America made last week when it elected more than 100 women to the chamber. Women have never held more than 84 of the...

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Trump Wins Kwotable’s ‘Asshole Of The Year’ Award For Not Giving A Raise To Federal Employees He Didn’t Pay At Christmas

Trump is the biggest asshole in the world. First, he shuts down the government, then he decides not to give raises for a year to the same people that aren’t getting paid because of the shutdown. What a total jerk. Can you imagine how he will react when evicted from the White House? Ha, ha, ha, ha,...

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