Author: Lorraine Devon Wilke

Has America Really Become Less Tolerant Of Sexual Harassment?

THE HUFFINGTON POST The cheering of liberals, progressives, well-mannered, morally decent, and socially conscious people of every stripe over the ousting of Fox News megastar Bill O’Reilly has been raucous and widespread. The reality that this seemingly indestructible Goliath of right-wing cable news could be toppled by women attesting to his predatory and assaultive behaviors inspired many a Tweet, post, article, treatise on the topic of sexual harassment. The sheen of schadenfreude has been layered thick and gooey, and even the most noble of social commentators is likely feeling some measure of “he had it comin’!” (though apparently not...

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The Russians Came and They Chose Our Next President

  Let’s be completely honest, America: we’ve just been handed an election result that was hand-picked, paid for, gift-wrapped, and delivered by our committed comrades from across the sea. And while the recipient of that noxious gift-giving, Donald Trump, sniffs that we should reject the bombshell findings released this weekend and just allow him to get on with the task of “making America great again” (colluding with foreign dictators apparently part of his protocol), the rest of us are left wondering just how much more it will take for the powers-that-be in this country to declare Election 2016 to be null and void. Fraudulent. Manipulated. Corrupt. Unacceptable. It’s one thing to shake our heads and parse the fact that Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by as many votes as President Obama won in 2012 but is still considered “the loser” (which should make abolishing or amending Electoral College rules a priority). It’s one thing to review the unprecedented and outrageous move of FBI Director James Comey to, right before the election, make ultimately pointless claims of more email trouble for Clinton (how has he not been sanctioned for that?), and feel outrage that this shattered her then-12-point lead and likely aided Trump’s win. It’s one thing to consider the daily, weekly, monthly drip-drip-drip distraction (and fodder for haters and conspiracists) from Wikileaks and their sleazy founder Julian Assange (still...

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