Author: Rhonda Reuter

Dump Trump And Make America Great Again

Enough of this ‘experiment’ hiring a loser to be President of the United States. Why do I call Trump a loser? Let me enumerate the reasons: -Donald Trump was caught on tape saying he can grab women by the pussy, and our kids are listening -Donald Trump can’t prove he has paid his taxes, and our kids are listening -Donald Trump told a woman who was sexually threatened and he said she is crazy, and our kids are listening -Donald Trump is taking from the poor to give to the rich, and our kids are going to...

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Sadly, President Trump Is A Sick, Selfish, Abusive Liar

Sorry, Trump supporters, but you need to start opening your eyes and accepting the fact that you have made a huge mistake in voting and supporting Donald Trump, a man who is the worst example for our children to follow, if America is to remain the greatest country in the world. We can’t survive as a superpower if we all don’t pay our taxes (otherwise we couldn’t afford the greatest military on earth), and Trump doesn’t. We can’t be the beacon of freedom without supporting freedom of the press, and Trump doesn’t. We can’t be the shining city on...

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It Must Be Asked: Is Hope Hicks Donald Trump’s Current Mistress?

While President Donald Trump’s appearance at a campaign rally in Lewis Center, Ohio, drew crowds Saturday, Hope Hicks was also at the center of attention after she was spotted traveling with Trump aboard Air Force One. Hicks, who resigned as White House communications director in February, reportedly planned to spend her weekend at one of Trump’s golf courses in New Jersey with Trump’s daughter Ivanka and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, according to a Vanity Fair report published Monday. This totally begs the question: Is hope Hicks having yet another affair with a married man, this time the President of the...

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Donald Trump Needs To Step Aside, So We Can Keep Making America Great

Donald Trump is getting in the way of America’s greatness. America is great because we have freedom of the press, freedom to bear arms and the freedom to criticize even the most powerful people in the world. All Donald Trump wants is the freedom to enrich himself at the cost of every American. He will be lucky if he doesn’t spend the rest of his life behind...

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Trump’s Supporters Are Sinking On The Titanic

It was a nice ride for them. Trump’s supporters thought they were on the cruise of all cruises. They thought that they finally found someone to ‘lead’ them who would lead them out of the misery they have been living. Problem is, Trump’s salvation was a phony ride to the bottom of Hell. Surely, most see that now, but they are so heartbroken, they will pretend that they can still support their man. It’s clear Trump is going down and those riding on his ship are going down,...

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Just Like Trump, His Campaign Manager Manafort Has Been Lying, Cheating And Stealing For Decades

CNN reports that Manafort’s bookkeeper testified Thursday that she was unaware that Manafort and Gates had financial accounts in Cyprus and had filed tax returns there. Asked by prosecutor Uzo Asonye whether Manafort’s accountant would have wanted to know that, Ayliff said yes: “It’s worldwide income that they have to report on,” he said. “We want to make sure we’re complying with the law.” After Manafort purchased a brownstone townhouse on Union Street in Manhattan in 2012, the tax preparers sent Gates an email asking where the money came from. The reply was that it was money that Manafort’s...

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