Author: Rhonda Reuter

America Needs A ‘Happy Ending,’ And Not The Kind You Perverts Who Support Trump Want To See

TRUMP BUDDY JEFFREY EPSTEIN, WHO GOT OFF ILLEGALLY AFTER RAPING UNDERAGED GIRLS, BECAUSE TRUMP FRIEND ALEX ACOSTA IS PART OF TRUMP’S CABINET It’s really quite shocking how many of Trump’s friends have been ensnared in abusive sex rings, just so they can toss their own rocks off. (And by the way, that thought is disgusting.) We now know how Trump and his buddies think: you can grab any pussy you want, as long as you have power and can tell them what to do. That is not only the message, it is the operation. I mean really? Donald Trump?...

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America Is Bleeding Badly, And Is Showing No Sign Of Healing Soon

It is almost as though there are two points of reality in America today. Either you are a leftist, socialist, wimpy loser, or you are a right-wing, war-loving, gun-toting hater. It has become so ridiculous that people are shooting people for no reason other than that they don’t agree on their political stances. This isn’t right, and more importantly, it is very, very dangerous. If we don’t pull ourselves together, and start realizing that ‘both sides’ have a point, then we won’t have one side or the other ‘win,’ we will simply kill each other and end our existence...

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Trump Declares Fake National Emergency, While A Real Emergency, Another Mass Shooting, Happens In Aurora, Illinois

JUST ANOTHER DAY IN AMERICA, AND ANOTHER MASS SHOOTING Trump is walking on very dangerous ground: don’t pretend the country is in trouble, just so you can get re-elected by erecting a wall nobody wants, and so you can cling to power. You will be destroyed for that kind of thinking. That is what Trump has done today, while we just had another mass shooting by our own, domestic terrorists, on our own soil. Trump is done. Out of step, out of chances and totally out of clues about how to keep America great. He’s a loser, and worse,...

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America’s ‘Credit Card’ Has A Negative Balance Of $22 Trillion – It Should Be Cut Off

Donald Trump wants to steal money from the U.S. Treasury to build his big, beautiful wall, you know the thing he needs to get re-elected. Not so fast, our country is broke, not only broke, but we owe $22 TRILLION! We know Trump loves to go broke, after all, he has done it seven times, but we don’t. So get your grubby sleazy hands off of the American economy, please. NPR reports that ‘the U.S. government’s public debt is now more than $22 trillion — the highest it has ever been. The Treasury Department data comes as tax revenue...

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Donald Trump Is Afraid Of Girls – Is He Gay?

Newly elected Congresswoman and rising star of the Democratic party Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Donald Trump was ‘scared’, after he vowed in his State of the Union address that America would ‘never be a socialist country’ – and claimed she looked unhappy during the speech because the country is a plane with no pilot. The President delivered his second State of the Union to Congress last night, in which he admitted being ‘alarmed by new calls to adopt socialism in our country’. ‘America was founded on liberty and independence – not government coercion, domination, and control. We are born free,...

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I Want Amy Klobuchar To Be A ‘Bitch,’ Anything Else Couldn’t Run The World

How ironic that Amy Klobuchar is critized for being a tough manager, while we have an abusive dick, a guy, sitting in the Oval Office. A guy, say Donald Trump, can be the biggest asshole in the world and be seen as a great leader, while a girl, say Amy Klobuchar, is considered a problem because she is as tough as nails. Sorry, but I want my leader to be tough, whether it is a girl or a guy. And I would prefer that leader to not be an abusive rapist, like Donald...

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