Author: Rhonda Reuter

Did You Know Betsy DeVos Has Nine Yachts, One Worth $40 Million?

ONE OF THE MANY YACHTS OWNED BY BETSY DEVOS Why would such a rich woman want to be the head of public education under Donald Trump? Because she has invested her money heavily in PRIVATE schools, and she wants to do is dismantle the public school system so she can MAKE EVEN MORE MONEY. America’s taxpayers are being raped and many don’t even know...

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Trump Kids Go From West Wing To Totally Missing Because They Don’t Want To Go To Jail

It’s not really hard to understand, when daddy is under criminal investigation, it is clear that your best interest is to stay away from him. Can you imagine if the entitiled children of The Donald had to spend a night in jail? Just how traumatic that would be for them. Forget the gold-plated arches, forget the penthouse apartments and forget the idea that daddy will get you ahead. Daddy could get them in jail and the Trump kids and their lawyers know this all too...

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Donald Trump Will Defend A Pedophile, As Long A He Says Nice Things About Him

Before he became president, Trump probably had no idea who Jim Jordan is. Yet, President Donald Trump on Thursday defended Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who at least five wrestlers have claimed turned a blind eye to sexual abuse while he was coaching at Ohio State University. “I don’t believe them at all,” he told reporters on Air Force One, before a raucous campaign rally in Montana. “I believe him. I believe him 100 percent. No question in my mind.” The president praised Jordan ― a Trump ally and co-founder of the powerful, conservative House Freedom Caucus ― calling him...

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GOP Congressman And Ex-Assitant Wrestling Coach Jim Jordan ‘Watched’ Little Boys Be Sexually Molested

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan is denying a report that he turned a blind eye to alleged sexual abuse at Ohio State University when he was an assistant wrestling coach. An NBC News report published Tuesday alleged the powerful Ohio congressman was aware of allegations that a doctor was molesting members of the wrestling team when he was an assistant wrestling coach from 1986 to 1994, but that he ignored those claims of abuse. CNN has not confirmed the details of the NBC report. Jordan’s office denied that he knew of any such behavior in two separate statements Tuesday. “Congressman...

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The Rotten Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Family Tree: Don Jr. Already Dating Before Divorce Is Finalized

I have to laugh, the whole ‘family values’ thing that the Republican party built itself upon is nothing but a sham. Further, it is clear that Trump family ‘values’ include a tradition of cheating on your current wife in public. Let’s not forget, Don Jr. has five children. The New York Daily News reports: ‘For the fourth straight Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr. enjoyed a date night with Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, according to a source on the scene. The 40-year-old scion’s secret service detail dropped them both off outside the 49-year-old TV host’s Central Park West apartment for...

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