Author: Samantha Smart

Liar, Liar Pants On Fire

SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS LIES FOR TRUMP EVERY DAY. OH, AND HER DAD IS A ‘PASTOR’ Robert Mueller’s report confirms that Sarah Huckabee Sanders simply made it up when she said that “countless” FBI agents had told her that they were thankful Trump had fired FBI Director James Comey. Sanders made similar claims multiple times on two different days. Yet she told Mueller’s office in an interview that she merely made a “slip of the tongue.” ‘Slip of the tounge?! Oh, sure, unfairly slime the head of the FBI and make him lose his job and career just because your...

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Trump Brings John Bolton Back From The Dead To Start A War With Iran

New York magazine has put it quite succinctly: ‘The simplistic, paranoid interpretation of what’s happening with Iran — wherein the U.S. is floating plans for an invasion and hyping intelligence of Iranian attacks — is that ultrahawkish aides are trying to manipulate their toddler president into war. Unfortunately, there is a lot of evidence suggesting this interpretation is correct. The driving force is national security adviser John Bolton. During the Bush administration, Bolton sought without success to ramp up conflict with Iran. President Trump hired Bolton because he liked his tough-talking Fox News persona, but made him promise when...

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The U.S. Constitution Really Is Just ‘A Piece Of Paper’

It has been rumored the U.S. President #43, George W. Bush call the U.S. Constitution ‘just a piece of paper.’ Whether or not he said that, that is the truth. We have seen enough of the breaches Trump has committed against the Constitution, but nothing has been done about any of them. That very ‘dear’ piece of paper means nothing if the people who created it decide they no longer care what it says. Do we care what it says? If we do, we are in trouble, if we don’t, then we can all go back to relaxing in...

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Governor Bill Weld Is Going Right For Trump’s ‘Jugular’

Rarely is an incumbent president challenged by his own party upon his attempt to get re-elected, however, every time that has happened, the incumbent (in this case, Donald Trump) lost to the other party. Enter Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, who just put this video online, challenging Trump from the Republican side of the aisle. This is going to get very, very...

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Tomorrow Is ‘Mueller Time,’ But Will It Pack A Punch At Donald Trump?

SPECIAL COUNSEL, ROBERT MUELLER Attorney General William Barr intends to make a morning speech tomorrow before the Mueller report is released to the public. Of course, we know as much of that report that can be redacted will be, but the more that it is, the more we won’t really know what Trump has done that may be considered illegal or just plain disgusting. President Trump’s legal team is preparing to issue a rebuttal to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Thursday, to refute any allegations of obstruction against the president, Fox News has learned. A source close to...

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