Author: Samantha Smart

The U.S. Constitution Really Is Just ‘A Piece Of Paper’

It has been rumored the U.S. President #43, George W. Bush call the U.S. Constitution ‘just a piece of paper.’ Whether or not he said that, that is the truth. We have seen enough of the breaches Trump has committed against the Constitution, but nothing has been done about any of them. That very ‘dear’ piece of paper means nothing if the people who created it decide they no longer care what it says. Do we care what it says? If we do, we are in trouble, if we don’t, then we can all go back to relaxing in...

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Governor Bill Weld Is Going Right For Trump’s ‘Jugular’

Rarely is an incumbent president challenged by his own party upon his attempt to get re-elected, however, every time that has happened, the incumbent (in this case, Donald Trump) lost to the other party. Enter Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, who just put this video online, challenging Trump from the Republican side of the aisle. This is going to get very, very...

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Tomorrow Is ‘Mueller Time,’ But Will It Pack A Punch At Donald Trump?

SPECIAL COUNSEL, ROBERT MUELLER Attorney General William Barr intends to make a morning speech tomorrow before the Mueller report is released to the public. Of course, we know as much of that report that can be redacted will be, but the more that it is, the more we won’t really know what Trump has done that may be considered illegal or just plain disgusting. President Trump’s legal team is preparing to issue a rebuttal to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Thursday, to refute any allegations of obstruction against the president, Fox News has learned. A source close to...

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‘Rusher, If You Are Listening, I Just Pulled Of The Biggest Heist Of American Democracy, Ever’

Saturday on MSNBC, “AM Joy” host Joy-Ann Reid and panelist Eli Mystal suggested that the new Attorney General William Barr could be committing a cover-up with the ending Mueller probe. “The fact that this investigation takes place within the Justice Department, which Donald Trump essentially controls and he got rid of the problem Jeff Sessions, who the one decent thing that he did was recuse himself,” Reid explained. “This guy is not recused,” she said about Barr. “It feels like the seeds of a cover-up are...

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Democrats Need To Put Up A Real ‘Asshole’ For President

KAMALA HARRIS WILL TAKE ON TRUMP LIKE NO OTHER PERSON EVER COULD When I use the word ‘asshole,’ I don’t mean a lying, cheating, abusive jerk like Donald Trump, I mean a person who is strong enough to throw a lying, cheating, abusive jerk like Donald Trump out of office. That is why I, for one, want to see a powerful person shove Trump into a corner. Could it be a woman? Yes. Could it be a black person? Yes. Could it be a gay person? Yes. It can be anyone who has the ‘balls’ to expose Trump for...

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