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9 Times Bill O’Reilly’s Replacement, Tucker Carlson, Showed Off His Sexist Cred

THE HUFFINGTON POST As of Wednesday, Bill O’Reilly is officially out at Fox News, a turn of events that has some rejoicing. Even though O’Reilly has been ousted only after it came out that he and Fox had settled at least 5 sexual harassment suits over the past 15 years ― and those claims began to hurt ad dollars ― his termination still feels like a win in the ongoing battle against sexist men with huge media platforms.  And yet Fox has announced that O’Reilly’s slot will be filled by anchor and commentator Tucker Carlson. While Carlson certainly doesn’t have any highly publicized sexual...

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Why Are Adult Men In Power Always Given The Chance To ‘Grow Up?

  Last week, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was forced to make another apology in what has been a long string of public apologies. This time around, Kalanick had to answer for a leaked dashcam video that showed him chewing out an Uber driver who confronted him about the company’s compensation for drivers and gradually decreasing fares. “Some people don’t like to take responsibility for their own shit,” Kalanick told the driver before exiting the car he’d procured via the app on on Super Bowl Sunday. This isn’t, of course, the first time Uber has had less than favorable publicity. In just the last few months with Kalanick at the helm, Uber has been sued for allegedly stealing technology from a rival company and come under scrutiny following accusations of sexism and sexual assault within its corporate ranks. On January 28, the company found itself at the center of a social campaign to #DeleteUber after Kalanick joined an advisory council for Donald Trump. (He later was forced to resign from the council.) With regard to the dashcam video, Kalanick owned up to his inappropriate behavior in a letter shared with Uber employees on February 28, stating it was “clear this video is a reflection of me.” He added, “The criticism we’ve received is a stark reminder that I must fundamentally change as a leader and grow up. This is the first time I’ve been willing...

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This MLK Quote Sums Up The Rise Of White Supremacy Post-Trump

Martin Luther King, Jr. said and wrote many poignant and profound things during his lifetime, certainly too many to count, but one quote from the Civil Rights icon feels eerily prophetic in light of Donald Trump’s presidency. On July 16, 1964, King released a statement on the Republican presidential nomination of Barry Goldwater. Goldwater had ran a campaign based on a new kind of conservatism that was staunchly against civil rights reform aand implicitly pro-white. Goldwater concerned King, who felt the candidate legitimized and incited an uptick of white supremacist ideology in the Republican party. “It was both unfortunate and disastrous that the Republican Party nominated Barry Goldwater as its candidate for President of the United States,” King declared, warning of Goldwater’s “trigger-happy attitude that could plunge the whole world into the dark abyss of annihilation.” His thoughts on Goldwater’s stance on race and civil rights are equally striking. King stated: “The Republican Party geared its appeal and program to racism, reaction, and extremism…On the urgent issue of civil rights, Senator Goldwater represents a philosophy that is morally indefensible and socially suicidal. While not himself a racist, Mr. Goldwater articulates a philosophy which gives aid and comfort to the racist. His candidacy and philosophy would serve as an umbrella under which extremists of all stripes would stand. In the light of these facts and because of my love for...

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MLK’s Daughter Is ‘Disgusted’ By Trump’s Assassination Comment

POOL VIA GETTY IMAGES Bernice A. King, speaking at a 2014 event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act. Bernice A. King, the daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is standing up to the dangerous rhetoric of Donald Trump. On Tuesday, Trump made one of his most inflammatory statements yet, when he “joked” about the possible assassination of Hillary Clinton, should she become President of the United States. During a rally in Wilmington, North Carolina, Trump said: “If she gets to pick her judges ― nothing you can do, folks. Although, the Second Amendment people. Maybe there is. I don’t know.” While a spokesperson for the Trump campaign later defended the statement, claiming he was really talking about the “power of unification,” his comments have been condemned by the Clinton campaign and across social media. One of the most important voices to speak out was Dr. King’s daughter, Bernice A. King, an activist who is currently the CEO of the King Center. On Tuesday evening, she posted a response to Trump’s comments that pretty much sums up what made the presidential candidates words so unacceptable: As the daughter of a leader who was assassinated, I find #Trump‘s comments distasteful, disturbing, dangerous. His words don’t #LiveUp. #MLK — Be A King (@BerniceKing) August 9, 2016 Assassination is no joking matter, and certainly not one that should be so flippantly...

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