George J. Pilibosian


George James has over 20 years of experience helping the average citizen understand the complexities of the financial markets. He was part of a team at Putnam Investments tasked with the goal of making investing more understandable to the average person. George has always understood that when the average person can fully grasp the concepts used by more powerful and connected individuals, ‘all boats will rise.’


Karla Lant

Investigative Reporter

Karla Lant is a freelance journalist and professor. She is also a retired criminal defense attorney who served indigent clients while she was in practice. Karla’s areas of interest include science, technology, futurism, and equal access to these things for all members of society.


Bernie Buelow

‪Partner at Lee James LLC

Bernie has an extensive background in the marketing and development of technical solutions that give a greater voice to technical professionals and consumers. His interest in making the world a better place in which to live, combined with his ability to get an important message out to the people, makes Bernie an important member of the Kwotable editorial board.


George Kordis

‪Investigative Advisor

George has over 30 years of experience founding and managing several companies designed to help people have a better and more fulfilling life. George gained an appreciation for the power of words and actions of those in politics, and others with power, as he worked through the development of his corporate endeavors and his career in general. He truly brings the voice of the people to Kwotable.