This article was originally published on October 11, 2016 and we thought it appropriate, in light of what we are learning about the hacking of the DNC by Russian operatives and the incredibly sharp denials from both Assange and Trump that it even happened. Proof is everything, but this situation smells very dirty.

Isn’t it interesting that Julian Assange of WikiLeaks infamy is ‘dripping’ supposed ‘information’ about Hillary Clinton’s e-mails three weeks before the presidential election? I look at it this way, if he really has damning evidence of why Hillary Clinton should not be President of the United States, why, on earth, would he withhold such evidence, rather than get it all out right away?

I will tell you why, he is doing it this way so that he can get personal recognition and fame without releasing any real evidence to prove his ‘case.’

The Daily Beast put it succinctly by saying this about Assange’s WikiLeaks:

“WikiLeaks is a brothel of self-promotion, Assange its puffed-up pimp.”

It is for this simple, yet obvious reason that we all now know that Julian Assange, who is trying to get Donald Trump elected, is as much of a fraudster as is the potential fraudster-in-chief himself, Donald J. Trump.