Trump On Equality

Uploaded by Think Progress on 2016-03-01.

Faced with persistent questions about his failure to disavow David Duke and the KKK during an interview on Sunday, Donald Trump is casting himself as an unrivaled champion of democracy.


Appearing on ABC on Tuesday morning, Trump said he disavowed all support from white supremacists, declaring that “there is no one that has done so much for equality as I have.”

Unprompted, Trump cited his “Mar-a-Lago club, totally open to everybody” as proof.

While Trump bills Mar-a-Lago as “totally open,” the club’s website calls it “one of the most impressive and exclusive private clubs, made even more glamorous by Mr. Trump.” It is decidedly not for everyone: “Membership at the club provides the highest privileges and an elite lifestyle reserved for a select few.”

Members have access to “the finest signature European indoor and terrace dining, the world renowned oceanfront swimming pool and Beach Club, the luxurious Trump Spa and Salon, six championship tennis courts, a full size croquet court, a chip and putt golf course, a state of the art fitness center, and the most coveted entertaining space, which includes the elegant White and Gold Ballroom, and the sumptuous Donald J. Trump Grand Ballroom.”

Joining the club requires an initiation fee of at least $100,000, plus more than $10,000 in yearly fees. Actually using the club costs more, with rooms costing thousands of dollars per night.

A few images of Trump’s bastion of equality:






Trump is apparently boasting that the club does not have an explicit policy excluding racial minorities. Theoretically, as a private club, Mar-a-Lago could explicitly exclude people based on race.