COLUMBUS (WCMH) — When is a quarter worth more than a quarter? Well some coins minted in 1970 might be worth a lot of quarters.

A small number of them produced in 1970 have a tiny misprint, which in turn, makes them very valuable.

How valuable? Well, how does $35,000 sound to you?

According to Good Housekeeping magazine, the coins were printed over 1941 Canadian quarters. Some of the coins didn’t reprint perfectly, and that means there’s a tiny “1941” marking above the word “dollar” one some of the coins.

The tiny marking isn’t easy to see, and you might need a coin collector to help. But coins that do have the mistake are going for as much as $35,000 on the online auction site eBay.

Now might be the best time to check under those couch cushions, look under those car seats and break open the piggy bank to see if you can cash in 25-cents for a whole lot more.

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