Moments, those times in our lives when we wish they could go on forever and ever. I just had a day like that. My youngest son got married and I watched as his life begins in a whole new way.
That same day I sat with my other son and as we played with his daughter, my first grandbaby during the reception.
I look at this little sweet bundle of joy and know that one day, if she chooses to, she will be walking down the aisle with her dad.
I look at Harmony, my first grandbaby and know that the world in which she lives is very different than the world that I was raised in.
She will have the opportunity to do many more things than I would have had at my disposal in my lifetime, just simply because times are changing.
There is a very good possibility that my granddaughter will see the first woman president just after her first birthday.
When I was one we were busy fighting the Viet Nam War and women were expected to be either a nurse, a teacher or a secretary.
Today women all over the world are reaching higher than ever before. Women today are speaking their truths and standing tall.
I am glad that my granddaughter won’t have to fight to be heard, those rights were fought for by the women who have come before her.
I will continue to raise my voice to be heard, not just for my granddaughter but for all the other girls and women coming of age. I want the world in which she grows up in to be one where there are equal rights for all. A world where we are not judged by our color or sex.
I think of that circle of life, a circle that looks a lot wider than it did 100 years ago, or even 50 years ago…see how much wider it has become with women leading and not being afraid to fight for our fair share.
I want my granddaughter to know that we as women are united, not fighting against each other but helping each other. Giving each other a hand to raise each other up, together we can be more and do more. Much in thanks to those women who fought for our voices to be heard. May we never forget those who have sacrificed so we could have the freedom to vote, the freedom to have the choice over our bodies and the freedom to strive for even the highest office of the land.
So, to you Harmony, and all the little girls in the world, go strong, we are all behind you!

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