Over the course of this presidential campaign season it is safe to say that millions of people participated in what was to hoped to be a political revolution. Senator Bernie Sanders, was able to campaign across the country and inspire millions of people to challenge the Democratic Party. His stance on the corruption that fuels Wall Street, and the rich controlling politics reminded the everyday person that their vote might have a chance in this election. When interrupted by Black Lives Matter supporters early on in the campaign, Sen. Sanders did what all white people who truly believe in that sentiment should: He stepped aside and listened.

After filling arenas to capacity, and breaking individual campaign contribution records the “Bern-man” himself, all but put out the Bern. Durning an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Sen. Sanders was asked weather he would be voting for Hilary Clinton in November. As he uttered the words “Yes,” it felt as if we had watched Rob Stark and his quest to be King of the North end all over again.

The ‘Bern-man’ himself, all but put out the Bern.

Bernie Sanders set out to destroy the democratic establishment, and to the surprise of the status quo his message resonated with those who felt voiceless in the democratic process. Hilary Clinton will certainly be the Democratic Party Nominee, the system was rigged from the start for someone like her to win. If Bernie Sanders were just another Democratic candidate it would be far more acceptable, and expected for him to throw his support to Hilary Clinton and concede the race in an effort to “defeat Donald Trump.” The problem with him doing so is that he essentially has let down the millions of people who don’t just want to defeat Trump, but more importantly don’t want another Clinton administration.

A June 14th Bloomberg Politics national poll of likely voters in November’s election found that barely half of those who favored Sanders — 55 percent — plan to vote for Hilary Clinton. With the GOP rallying behind racist Donald Trump, some Sanders supporters may see Hilary Clinton as the lesser of two evils. However I am more inclined to believe that Hilary Clinton is more dangerous than Donald Trump. Malcolm X talked about the wolf in sheep’s clothing, in reference to white liberals and how white liberals are actually more dangerous than white supremacist like Donald Trump. We know Donald Trumps feelings towards the LGBT, Hispanic, and Black communities respectively, but when it comes to Hilary Clinton she has shown a pattern to pander for votes.

Defeating Donald Trump is only half of the problem.

I won’t support a candidate who carries hot sauce in her bag to please Black people, all while ignoring the fact that the actions of her husband still have thousands of Black people locked up today for nonviolent crimes. I voted for the first time for Bernie Sanders, because I believed that together the everyday people in this country could unite and destroy the two party system. Call me a dreamer, but I figured I was voting for a man who had been fighting for the issues of oppressed groups longer than I’ve been alive, today I feel as though somehow I might have voted for anther politician at this point.

Realistically speaking a win for this political revolution doesn’t necessarily mean that Bernie Sanders becomes the next president, as long as we’ve created a lane for this revolution to continue. Getting Hilary Clinton to talk about certain issues simply isn’t enough. Millions of people are drowning in debt; Black people continue to be victims of state violence without any accountability. We need more than political rhetoric. We need a complete overhaul of what democracy has become, and finally once and for all create a political structure that doesn’t just represent the interests of the rich, but reflects those of us who work everyday just to make it until tomorrow.

Defeating Donald Trump is only half of the problem, it’s time to move democracy into the 21st century. It’s time to leave the past in the past and realize that the leaders who created the status quo, will never be inclined to change it as long as they are in charge. Mr. Sanders, we must keep fighting on we’ve had your back thus far please don’t give up on us now.