Donald Trump speaks during a news conference at Turnberry Golf course in Scotland last week. (Carlo Allegri/Reuters)

A new television ad from Hillary Clinton seeks to make the British vote to leave the European Union a liability for Donald Trump, mocking the real estate mogul for tying the historic event to the fate of his golf resort in Scotland.

The ad, which a Clinton aide said would debut this week on cable stations nationally, juxtaposes footage of news coverage of the vote’s negative impact on global markets with Trump telling reporters in Scotland that a drop in the value of the British pound could help him make money at his Trump Turnberry resort.

The so-called Brexit vote has prompted a range of commentary about its potential impact on the U.S. presidential race. Some have suggested that the restive mood of the British electorate mirrors anxieties and frustration in the United States that could play to Trump’s advantage in November, including in Rust Belt states he is targeting.

But Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee and establishment favorite, is trying to turn the episode into her campaign’s latest example of why the GOP standard bearer is unfit for the presidency — arguing he has failed another test of leadership.

“In a volatile world, the last thing we need is a volatile president,” the ad says.

The thrust of the ad is consistent with recent speeches Clinton has delivered on foreign policy and economic policy, in which she sought to undercut Trump’s fitness to lead the country.

But the spot is a departure from the softer-tone ads Clinton has been airing in eight battleground states that focus on work throughout her career helping children and expanding health care.

Clinton aides said the new ad would air nationally on cable stations but did not immediately provide other details about the scope of the buy.