Donald Trump is trying to come off as a more modest-minded type of politician lately: adopting the teleprompter, putting out carefully worded statements on the news of the day, and even making appeals to voters across ideological divides.

But the presumptive GOP presidential candidate can’t seem to kick the habit of making fun of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for saying she has Native American lineage. He has continued to derisively call her Pocahontas and even, this week, insisted that she was a racist for having listed that heritage while on the faculty of Harvard Law School.

And now, his surrogates are taking his cue. Warming up the crowd for Trump’s speech in Bangor, Maine, on Wednesday, Boston-based conservative columnist and radio talk-show host Howie Carr did the following:

“You know Elizabeth Warren, right? Woo woo woo,” he said, making a noise while patting his hand over his mouth.

Why the campaign doesn’t think things like this are racist, we don’t know.