Boris Johnson pushed for Britain to leave the European Union, but he doesn’t want to lead the country.

Brexit stalwart Boris Johnson was widely considered to be vying for prime minister of post-EU Britain, so it came as a huge shock to people when he revealed he didn’t actually want the job.

The former London mayor was one of the most prominent advocates for the U.K. leaving the European Union. In the wake of last week’s referendum, current Prime Minister David Cameron, a staunch opponent of the effort, announced his resignation. Saying that the country deserves a leader who supports the movement, Cameron left the door wide open for Johnson.

Some people expressed their shock and dismay at Johnson’s decision to leave the race for leader of the country he shepherded into unprecedented and vulnerable territory.

But all’s not lost for Boris. He’s got a regular column in the Telegraph and, if all else fails, a bright future as Donald Trump’s body double.