So, that happened. A night about Benghazi, a speech from at least one cast member from “The Apprentice,” plus a special guest appearance from former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow ― these are among the highlights of a leaked draft schedule for the upcoming Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. It’s about as Trump as it gets. With tensions within the Republican Party still boiling, and GOP elites finding ways to stay away from the confab in droves, it’s not the sort of convention that most Republican nominees would want for themselves.

But let’s face it, presumptive Republican nominee and aspiring Flash Gordon villain Donald Trump is anything but conventional. And he’s probably perfectly content to see establishment Republicans keeping themselves at arm’s length from his coronation. What Trump has promised from the beginning was exactly this ― the remaking of the Republican Party in his own reality-show funhouse-mirror image. On this week’s edition of “So, That Happened,” we’ll raise the curtain on both conventions, discussing what Trump has in store for us and what is still missing from Hillary Clinton’s own convention in Philadelphia.

Also on this week’s edition, it was just over a year ago that a Texas woman named Sandra Bland died under mysterious circumstances while being held in jail, after being arrested at a routine traffic stop. Among the many unanswered questions was this: How often does this sort of thing happen? Well, in one of the most exhaustive investigations The Huffington Post has ever undertaken, we scoured the public records to find out how many people have died in jail in the year since Sandra Bland’s death. And what we discovered was staggering.

Meanwhile, this week, Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders bestowed his endorsement upon Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. But while there’s now a larger unity among the broader Democratic base, it was a bitter moment for Sanders’ diehard supporters. We’re joined by one such diehard, Tim Black, the host of the “Tim Black Show,” who’ll give us an idea about the future of Sanders’ movement and what, if anything, Clinton can do to win him over.

Finally, we are taking our talents to Capitol Hill this week, to visit friend of the podcast and Wisconsin Rep. Reid Ribble at his office. The retiring congressman talks about the one last piece of bipartisan business he hopes to get done before he heads home. We also ask him if a little bit of legislator quid-pro-quo might actually help Congress function again.

“So, That Happened” is hosted by Jason Linkins, Zach Carter and Arthur Delaney. Joining them this week: Wisconsin Representative Reid Ribble, host of the Tim Black show Tim Black, as well as Huffington Post reporters Dana Liebelson, Ryan Reilly, and Lauren Weber

This podcast was produced, edited and engineered by Christine Conetta.

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