CLEVELAND ― Conservative author Ann Coulter said she expects Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes to lose his position with the cable network following another high-profile report of sexual harassment accusations.

It looks increasingly doubtful that the 76-year-old media titan can cling to power after two decades of running Fox News. Network anchor Megyn Kelly told investigators looking into sexual harassment accusations made by former “Fox & Friends” host Gretchen Carlson that Ailes had harassed her as well, according to a New York magazine report published Tuesday.

“So that means he’s definitely out, by the way,” Coulter told The Huffington Post shortly after the new report dropped.

Coulter has never been employed by Fox News, but has been a familiar face on the network as a fiery commentator. The author said recently that she has heard about allegations against Ailes in the past, even as some of the network’s biggest stars were defending the embattled media executive.

“I noticed the people who’ve been saying ‘he never sexually harassed me’ also, by the way, work for Fox News, which was such a weird coincidence,” Coulter told HuffPost.

Some women working at Fox News recently told HuffPost that they had faced harassment similar to that described by Carlson.

Coulter also took a jab at Kelly who, so far, has publicly been silent on the recent allegations from Carlson and a half dozen other women. Last fall, Kelly described Ailes as a “mentor” who has been “nothing but good to me, and he’s been very loyal and he’s had my back.”

“I guess she waited for him to be out before she spoke up,” Coulter said, adding that it was “very brave of Megyn to wait until the last moment.”

Ailes’ anticipated ouster has been the buzz among journalists covering the Republican National Convention since Monday, when New York’s Gabriel Sherman reported that Rupert Murdoch and his sons, James and Lachlan ― who run Fox News parent company 21st Century Fox ― had agreed Ailes needs to leave his post.

Fox News stars at the convention have said little about the revelations, and the network’s typically aggressive PR department is deferring to 21st Century Fox for comment.

“This matter is not yet resolved and the review is not concluded,” a 21st Century spokesman said in response to Monday’s report. The same spokesman declined to comment on Tuesday’s report regarding what Kelly is said to have told investigators.

According to Sherman, Kelly described Ailes harassing her when she was a legal correspondent in Fox News’ Washington bureau during the mid-2000s.

“That’s it?” Coulter said when HuffPost described the allegations to her. “Oh boy, I have better details than that, from every woman who has ever been employed by Fox, which I have not.”

Walking away down the sidewalk, she turned and called out, “Thank you, that was great news!”