Several protesters briefly disrupted the opening-night speeches Monday at the Republican National Convention, including a Code Pink demonstrator who tangled with Donald Trump supporters and was removed by police.

The incident occurred when the Code Pink protester unfurled a banner near the VIP box of vice-presidential nominee Indiana Gov. Mike Pence that read “Yes We Can End War.”

Nearby convention-goers surrounded the woman and shouted “arrest her” until Secret Service agents and other law-enforcement officials arrived and removed her.

A man wearing a “Bikers for Trump” shirt tried to rip the sign out of her hands and help police.

Another Code Pink protester also purportedly tried to disrupt the speeches. And a third protester, in the second deck of the Quicken Loans Area, where the four-day convention is being held, put up a sign that read “Refugees Welcome,” which brought on loud cheers of “USA, USA, USA.”

The expected protests outside the convention’s security perimeter took place through the day and night, but there were no reports of clashes or other violence.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson told reporters in the early evening that the protests have so far been “peaceful” and that just one arrest was made and that a small knife, gas masks and a sling shot has been confiscated.