Hillary Clinton’s mom used to watch Fox News.

Hillary Clinton revealed on Sunday that her mother, Dorothy Rodham, was a big fan of Fox News, the cable network that has devoted more than a fair bit of programming to critical coverage of her daughter.

“She was a big Fox viewer, I will tell you,” Clinton told Fox News’ Chris Wallace in her first post-convention interview.

Wallace, struck by the revelation, asked if Clinton was being serious.

“Yes, she was,” Clinton replied. “And she would get upset. I’ll be honest with you. She would get upset when some of the people you had on would say these terrible things about me. And that was when I was a senator running for president and for the first two years of being secretary of state. I would say, ‘Well, mom, if it upsets you so much, why do you keep watching?’ She said, ‘Well, I like some of the people and I have to know what the other ones are saying so I can understand and be against it.’”

“So, I think she had a very strategic reason for watching. She said to me one time, ‘You know, Hillary, I don’t understand. You were such a wonderful child to raise, and you never gave me a minute’s trouble or worry, then you become an adult and you get into politics and I just worry all the time.’”

And now we know why Fox News has such strong viewership: you watch to love and you watch to hate.