Recently there has been talk of how Trump has said he wanted to hit speakers at the Democratic convention who disparaged him “so hard, their heads would spin.” Then, he not only suggested that Russia should hack Clinton’s emails, which some officials have claimed is akin to treason, but he may have leaked classified information about U.S. having bases in Saudi Arabia which he learned in a news briefing in claiming we shouldn’t be paying rent on them.

In short, many of Trump’s remarks, especially those about hitting back, are like fighting words to attack, attack, attack to gain power — much like male animals frequently fight other male animals to gain power, territory, and females. For example, Trump is much like a boxing kangaroo, trying to show who’s boss, by kicking and jabbing however he can until he defeats a rival. Or he is like a chimp who fights with all the tools he’s got, from tree branches to clubs he finds on the ground. When Trump gets on Twitter to spew his hate at different targets, the process is much the same.

In fact, this comparison of Trump to different types of fighting animals is the subject of a recent book: Trump Is an Animal!: An Illustrated Guide and Coloring Boo to the Way that Trump Fights Like Different Types of Animals. The book combines satiric cartoons with timely critical copy that shows how Trump fights like 21 different animals. Besides kangaroos and chimps, the animals include cunning coyotes, baaad ass baboons, huuuge hippos, charging elephants, mighty meerkats, fighting cocks, penguins, tortoises, and snakes.

The book is the perfect example of how Trump is constantly fighting, often unfairly, at virtually anyone who dares stand up to him. An example is a cartoon and accompanying illustration of Trump as a Huuuge Hippo. In the cartoon, Trump with his very big open mouth confronts a hippo with its huge gaping jaws. The introductory paragraph about Trump reads:

Hippos are huuuge. Though they are mostly heribvores, they are anything but peaceful vegetarians, since they are highly aggressive and unpredictable and are considered among the most dangerous animals in Africa. As such, they are much like Trump, who responds largely from his intuition and whim, and is every ready to attack anyone for anything deemed insulting or offensive to him. And he likes everything to be “huuuge,” “great,” or otherwise “extraordinary.”

The rest of the copy in the book is written in a similar vein, briefly describing the different types of animals and the way the males go at it — often in a deadly attack that leaves the loser severely or fatally injured, much like Trump’s Republican rivals and the Republican Party as a whole.

Trump Is an Animal! is available on Amazon, and it is part of a series called Who Is Trump Really? In fact, a website featuring a half-dozen anti-Trump books has been set up at Who Is Trump Really, also accessible by Trump Is Nuts. Other books in the series include Trump Is Nuts! and Trump Is Extinct… Or May Be Soon!.

One of the reason for writing these books is to help to show up Trump for who he really is and contribute to the campaign against him. At least they help to show even more reasons why Trump is unsuited and incompetent to be President, and they may help to broaden the appeal to those who would find the cartoons entertaining as well as informative about the real Trump.

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Gini Graham Scott, PhD, writes frequently about social trends and everyday life. She is the author of over 50 books with major publishers and has published 30 books through her company Changemakers Publishing and Writing. She writes books and proposals for clients and has written and produced over 50 short videos through Changemakers Productions and is a partner in a service that connects writers to publishers, agents, and the film industry. Her latest books include: Resolving Conflict and Lies and Liars: How and Why Sociopaths Lie and How to Detect and Deal With Them