Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly couldn’t help but laugh at footage of Donald Trump from Wednesday afternoon, when he reiterated his past campaign controversies during a town hall.

The Republican presidential nominee spoke in Daytona Beach, Florida, where he rehashed some of the moments that have confounded American politics.

“What is he doing? Relitigating every controversy from the primary season?” Kelly asked of Trump’s bizarre reminiscing, which included the time that he took shots at Megyn Kelly herself by suggesting she was on her period while moderating a debate.

Trump also recalled the time he mocked a reporter with a disability, as well as the pet name of “Pocahontas” that he has given Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

Following Trump’s claim that “nobody’s better to people with disabilities than me” and that he “spend[s] millions and millions of dollars on buildings taking care of people with disabilities,” the camera panned to a baffled Kelly, who shook her head and laughed with incredulity.

Writer Ben Domenech and attorney David Wohl joined Kelly during the Wednesday night program to discuss the recent struggles of the Trump campaign. Wohl, who is a Trump supporter, couldn’t help but poke fun at Trump’s handicap-friendly boasts.

“But they’re very expensive in his buildings, Megyn, let me tell you,” Wohl joked, referring to Trump’s earlier claims that the handicap-friendly rails in his buildings (which, Kelly pointed out, are required by federal law) somehow prove he would never mock a reporter with a disability.

“It’s true that the mainstream media now hates Trump,” Kelly said.

“That’s what they do,” she added. “But must he help them? Must he help them so generously every day?”