Donald Trump’s ongoing feud with Khizr and Ghazala Khan may be hurting him in the polls and costing him friends in the GOP, but these supporters still have his back.

At a Trump rally in Ashburn, Virginia, Mother Jones asked supporters for their opinions on the controversy, and they all staunchly defended the GOP nominee’s criticism of the Gold Star family.

One man claimed that the outrage that has erupted since Khizr Khan’s emotional Democratic National Convention speech about his fallen soldier son, in which he tore into Trump for never having made a sacrifice, was just the media “blowing things up out of proportion.”

Another offered a discredited conspiracy theory that Khan was a Muslim Brotherhood operative with “his own agenda for bashing Trump.”

The magazine later asked the same supporters what they thought about Trump referring to Democratic rival Hillary Clinton as “the devil.” Unsurprisingly, they all agreed.

“I believe she is an absolutely evil woman, who has no compulsion about lying, which is a proof of sociopathic tendencies,” said one Trump supporter.

“Nobody said that Satan was going to be male,” another supporter noted.