For weeks now, the staff at Kwotable has been discussing–almost non-stop–the perplexing presidential campaign of one Donald J. Trump. We always seem to end up with more questions than we do answers. Here is just a sampling of these questions:

-In the face of his anemic poll numbers, will Trump just drop out of the race, as he hates to lose at anything, no less a shot at the top job in the land?

-Is Trump just so enamored with the attention he gets at his rallies and the fact that he is protected by the Secret Service, that he will remain in the race regardless of his chances?

-Why, on Earth, does Trump seem to create unnecessary turmoil for his campaign–such as publicly criticizing a Gold Star mom–on what has become an almost daily basis?

-Why does Trump have what has been called a ‘non-existent ground-game strategy?’

-Why has the Trump campaign had two major staff shake-ups so late in the game, when Trump never even seems to take their advice?

-And finally: Does Trump really want to win the presidential election?

But then, with reports that recently fired Fox News Chief, Roger Ailes, may be working with the Trump campaign (the campaign denies this) and the recent demotion of Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manfort, so that room can be made for a new campaign chief, the media firebrand behind the Breitbart News website, Stephen K. Bannon, (almost) all of our questions now seem to have an a clear answer:


If fact, not only do our questions now have answers, we all agree that if Donald Trump’s real plan–even if it is a back-up plan–isn’t to form the Trump News Network, his business skills are lacking beyond all comprehension.