Hope is a powerful thing, it can make us ignore facts and reality, because the emotions it brings to those who are suffering or feeling unfairly treated is overwhelming. It is almost blindingly powerful and drug-like in its ability to cause people to make bad decisions.

And let’s face it, the average American has a lot to feel unhappy about. Their wages have been stagnant for decades, while the gap between the rich and the poor is at an all-time high. How did this happen? Who is responsible? Who can fix it?

Donald Trump is wise enough to understand how this happened and maybe even who is responsible for making it happen. But anyone who thinks Donald Trump knows how to fix the income disparity in America, or that he even cares to do so, is simply letting their emotions overtake their ability to reason and handle reality. Donald Trump has zero interest in fixing one of the biggest problems facing America right now. To think that, as he says, only he can fix it, is just one more fake promise in a trail of of them made by Trump and his shuttered businesses.