Call it what you will: sexism, media bias, sexism (OK, we already mentioned that one), love of capitalism, hate of the government, who the heck really knows at this point? But one thing is crystal clear, if both candidates for President of the United States were held to the same standard of personal and financial disclosure, there is no question who would win the election.

Hands down, the next president would be Hillary Clinton.

I can already hear the cries and view the disparaging comments that I, no doubt, just unleashed. But hear me out–better yet, take a look at what is being said right now about Trump’s use of campaign cash, as reported by the The Huffington Post today:

Any way you slice it, this level of self-dealing looks bad. It looks like a candidate who is pocketing donor’s money.
Paul S. Ryan, Campaign Legal Center


It’s such a scam.
Stuart Stevens, former aide to 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney


In the final months of the primary campaign, Trump’s own money accounted for 82 percent of the campaign’s cash. Since securing the nomination, that figure is down to 12 percent.


The biggest winner on that date was Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, which received $423,372.


Trump’s preference for expensive venues that he happens to own has also extended to his campaign airplane.


Anyone who would like to challenge the idea that if it were possible to level these accusations at Secretary Clinton, please do so, but in all reality, facts are facts and as much as we may dislike them, they have an odd way of biting us all in the rear end.