I know I give my age away when I tell you this, but boy oh boy, did I love The Cosby Show. As I took in each weekly episode, I thought to myself how great it was that a black family in America could be rich, successful and influential. Let’s face it, that is an anomaly in America.

Sadly, the facade of the show’s star, Bill Cosby, has been broken, and broken badly. Before we found out that the man is a serial rapist, we thought he was the shining example for every black man in America to follow. He even became known, after the show’s huge success, to make speeches about how the black community is hurting its own survival and growth by using drugs and raping women.

Wow, considering what we know now and the fact that I, as a white male, feel completely lied to and manipulated by this ‘devil in the flesh,’ I can’t beginĀ to think what a disadvantaged black man may feelĀ about this disgusting episode of life.