You know, I can deal with his monotone voice, at least once I have had my first cup of Morning Joe, but honestly, the rest of his shtick is totally stuck in a ditch. Yes, I am talking about Mark Halperin of MSNBC’s Morning Joe ‘fame.’

This morning, as he was discussing the horrible performance by Donald Trump at last night’s Commander-In-Chief Forum, he said this: ‘…you know, one of these two people will probably be president…’


Sure, I guess if we factor in the possibility that both candidates could die or become incapacitated before the November election, then it would be a ‘probably.’ But the odds of that happening aren’t all that great, especially considering they both have the Secret Service watching their every move and the moves of those around them.

And Halperin, a professional pundit, knows the electoral reality of American presidential politics: a ‘write in’ or third party candidate just can’t win under this system. So why, on earth, did Halperin say that either Trump or Clinton will ‘probably’ be president?