It’s astounding how the Republican party has claimed ownership of the ‘family values’ mantle. I remember my parents, who were avowed and unabashed Republicans, would tell me that Republicans are more ‘family-oriented’ and more ‘faithful to their families’ than are Democrats. I never really understood why they would say that, but then again, I was just a kid.

Now, I get it, they were saying that because the people that ran the Republican party knew they needed supporters and they figured they could get more of them by touching the ‘heartstrings’ of good and well-meaning people like my parents.

Sure, great idea, but it needs to be backed up with real policies that make families better off. This, of course, is the big problem with the Republican family value farce. Add to the mix, now, one Donald J. Trump, a man who freely lies, swears, and cheats just so he can be a Putin-like dictator of a country my grandparents ran to, in a desperate attempt to be free.

All of a sudden–at least for me–the Republican ‘family values’ have become nothing but just another broken promise put forth and further exploited by a born rich and entitled fool like Donald Trump. How pathetic.