You are living under a rock if you haven’t already seen the video of Hillary Clinton attempt to get into a van today, as her security worked to hold her up because she was apparently ‘overheating’ on a not-so-hot 79-degree day. As I watched the video the first time, I felt a need to vomit on myself.

If you have ever read my column, you know I have a very special disdain for the idea Donald Trump could become the President of the United States. My grandparents escaped Armenia and certain slaughter by dictator-like personalities so they could give themselves and their future family members freedom from the kind of oppression Donald licks his chops at being able to command.

So, the video today, which has gone viral, puts me in a very sad place because I know how much Trump’s personal militia will use this, in conjunction with what is left of FOX NEWS, to make sure he becomes America’s first-ever dictator-in-chief. But my sadness turned into a realization that even if Hillary Clinton is not as healthy as I would like her to be, and–God forbid–something were to happen to her after she is elected, Tim Kaine knows full well my family will never go back to Armenia.