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Hillary Clinton is a 68-year-old who is running all over the country in a pantsuit at a pace that would put your typical 19-year-old into a state of ill health and general hysteria. It caused her to get pneumonia–what a surprise. Yet the people promoting the candidacy of Donald Trump–any of whom probably couldn’t handle one day of Clinton’s schedule without a total meltdown–just can’t stop talking about how Clinton is now unfit to be commander-in-chief because she got pneumonia.

I have had ‘walking pneumonia,’ the kind that Hillary Clinton is fighting. I got it in college, when I was 19 years old and on a mission to change the world. I am the kind of person who doesn’t like to admit failure and doesn’t like to complain, so while I knew something was wrong, I refused to see the campus doctor or to stop my active, daily routine. After a week of this stubbornness, I finally collapsed and the campus doctor came to me. He gave me antibiotics and told me to rest, please. I was embarrassed. In other words, I understand where Secretary Clinton is coming from on this ‘issue.’

Yet now, all the Trump surrogates and supporters can talk about is how Hillary Clinton ‘has not been honest about her health.’ Really? That is about as lame as it gets, especially when their candidate won’t show us the proof of his one claim as to why he should be president–that he is a master of business–by releasing his tax returns.

What an incredible double standard, indeed.