It’s amazing how selfish the average American citizen has become. A couple of month’s ago, I was inspired to write an editorial entitled Why it Doesn’t Matter Whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump Is The Next President, because as I was walking down the sidewalk of my hometown, Atlanta, Georgia, I was disgusted at the amount of garbage I saw on the side of the road. It struck me, as it often does, that JFK’s famous statement, ‘My fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country,’ hasn’t just been forgotten, but it’s been turned on its head.

Our culture has become one of taking, rather than giving, and that has caused us to have a huge moral deficit of goodwill and growth. The reason I thought of JFK as I looked at that trash, was because I realized it is the symptom of a huge structural and cultural problem in the United States. Just as a business has to take in more money than it pays out in order for it to sustain itself, so too does a society have to put more in than it takes out, or it will crumble.

I haven’t seen as big an indication that America has adopted the wrong approach, as I do with the success of the candidacy for president of Donald J. Trump. A man who born into wealth, and whose kids appear to be even more entitled, who has apparent business ties with the corrupt Russian government, and who continually insults anyone who is not he, has been able to attract enough votes to gain the Republican nomination for president, and perhaps even become the most powerful individual in the world–and what a world it has become.