Last week, former House speaker and Republican John Boehner joined the board of tobacco giant Reynolds American Inc. The former GOP congressman from Ohio is widely known for his cigarette habit as well as his close ties to the tobacco industry. So it should surprise no one that once Boehner finished up his job at doing nothing for the American people last year, he would smoke out the nearest opportunity to cash in for himself at any cost to the American people.

But what is surprising, is that a man, who claims to have a career of public service would actually take a job working for a company that directly markets a proven cancer-causing habit, like smoking cigarettes, to kids.

Matthew L. Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, called it “truly absurd” that, as Reynolds and Boehner recently claimed, that they would be committed to curbing tobacco use among kids, saying this about their assertion:

“Their records show the exact opposite,” Myers said. “Reynolds’ announcement pairs the tobacco company with the most egregious record of marketing to kids and a politician with a long record of fighting policies to reduce youth tobacco use.”

Yes, the Republican party has just reached a new all-time low, as one of its most powerful leaders has decided to sell your kids’ lives for a profit.