Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Hmm, that’s interesting. Bobby Knight, a former college basketball coach, sees Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to be such a good player that if he pats him on the butt, Trump will win the Whitehouse.

There’s nobody that I’ve met in my lifetime that has a better grasp of how to correct mistakes and how to look at what’s wrong and how to correct what’s wrong and how to get it going right,” Knight told an audience in Toledo, Ohio, his home state. “And I think that is the most important thing that can be brought to the next president of the United States. And there’s nobody who has a better background in correcting things that are going wrong and getting things going in the right direction and developing those things — the best person ever has been Donald Trump.”

And just today, Knight said in an interview that he ‘will be there patting him on the butt’ at Monday’s first presidential debate.

Can someone please tell this second-rate coach that the U.S. presidency is not a basketball game?