J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press

This week it was not hard to come up with our Baghdad Bob award, named in honor of the unintentionally hilarious Iraqi information minister who fabricated reports of Iraq victories. On the contrary, like Sean Hannity and Jeffrey Lord, we may have to retire the trophy for this week’s recipient, lest he monopolize it.

Donald Trump Jr. has had a few jaw-droppers this week, any one of which could have snagged the award. Most infamously, he tweeted a photo of a bowl of Skittles and said the risk that a few might be poisonous should stop you from eating any. It included this admonition: “That’s our Syrian refugee problem.” Well, it’s both absurdly wrong on the math and offensive, generating a cool put-down from the maker of the candy. (“Skittles are candy; refugees are people. It’s an inappropriate analogy.”)

Trump the Younger couldn’t leave bad enough alone. The next day he declared, “I’m not comparing someone to candy.” Actually, that is precisely what he did and what drew the rebuke from the Mars company and countless social media users and journalists. He babbled on that “it’s a statistical thing. We have to be careful who we let into this country. You’ve seen what’s going on in Europe — and this is not just about terrorists, it’s about the rape statistics that have gone on there.” The “statistical thing” shows that the risk is actually equivalent to eating more than 3.6 billion Skittles before getting a bad one. As for the terrorists in Europe and some unspecified rape statistics, I confess I have no idea what he is talking about. But then, it is likely, neither does he.

Donald Trump Jr. wasn’t done, however. Not once but twice (!) recently he undermined his father’s excuse that he couldn’t reveal his tax returns because of some alleged audit (no audit letter has been produced). It would be a distraction, he says, and turn everyone into an auditor. Yes, well, that is the point — to allow voters to see for themselves whether Trump has lied about his earnings, charity and Russian ties.

Donald Trump Jr. appears to have all the arrogance, ignorance and verbal recklessness his father does. SAD!