What would have happened if, when I was in school, I had told my teacher or professor that I should get a better grade because I didn’t have as strong a grasp on the test material as did my peers? He or she would deliver an unapproving scoff that would have embarrassed me in front of the entire class. Because, isn’t the whole point of a test to compare the knowledge and ability of each person taking that test, so it can be determined who has done better than whom? Yes, of course it is.

So what happened between grade school and adult life, that makes all of these rules non-rules?

I can tell you exactly what happens: money, power and undue influence change all of those ‘rules’ we are taught as kids, and a new set of rules takes hold. If you are rich, you no longer have to pay those pesky taxes, tell the truth or even pretend you care if you want to run for high office. That’s because our nation went from a group of strong, principled people who would throw tea into a harbor rather than be abused, to a big old fat country of entitled and self-absorbed losers who want to take more than they give.