WASHINGTON ― Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R), Donald Trump’s vice presidential nominee, had some stern words on Sunday regarding The Washington Post’s reporting on the Trump Foundation. He just didn’t have any specifics.

When Chris Wallace of “Fox News Sunday” asked Pence about the Trump Foundation, the governor characterized The Washington Post’s thorough reporting on the subject as “very, very sketchy.”

“They’ve been found to be factually incorrect on a number of basis,” Pence claimed, without offering any evidence of those inaccuracies.

Wallace actually defended the Post, and pressed Pence on Trump settling a zoning dispute with the City of Palm Beach over the height of an 80-foot flagpole. Trump, who had been fined $120,000 over the excessive height, agreed to pay $100,000 to a veterans charity, but he used Trump Foundation money.

Wallace asked Pence about using a charity’s money to settle legal disputes, and mentioned that Trump himself had not contributed “a dime” to his foundation since 2008.

“What kind of charity is that, sir?” Wallace asked.

Pence dismissed those questions.

“I know that the Trump Foundation, the family, can answer all of those questions about that specific instance, and others, and they have,” Pence said.

But Wallace wasn’t having any of it. The Trump Foundation has not answered these questions, he responded.

Pence simply pivoted.

“These answers are all fair game, Chris. But I just wish there was as much interest in the Clinton Foundation,” he said, going on to mention a number of issues with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s charity.

Still no answers on Trump, though.