As Jack Donaghy once said, “There are no bad ideas … only good ideas that go horribly wrong.” Let’s hope “Saturday Night Live” heeds this “30 Rock” philosophical nugget, because the late-night sketch series will once again look outside its stable of regular comedians to bring Donald Trump to life.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, veteran comedian Alec Baldwin will play Trump in the upcoming 42nd season debuting this weekend.

On Wednesday, “SNL” shared a promo for the season premiere, which will apparently find its inspiration from the first presidential debate, as Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton and Baldwin’s Trump face off in a slightly underwhelming battle of wits and sniffles.

Last season, the Republican presidential nominee was played by “SNL” favorite Darrell Hammond, who according to the Hollywood Reporter, will continue to act as the series’ announcer, as well as make an appearance every now and again.

Baldwin has hosted 16 times over the course of his career, bringing many a celebrity impression to the “SNL” stage like that of Al Pacino, Bono and Harvey Fierstein.

The season premiere, which airs Oct. 1, will be hosted by Margot Robbie with musical guest The Weeknd.

Watch the promo below: