A few people watching the debate on Monday night noticed Donald Trump seemed to be sniffling a lot into his microphone. Eventually, it became an internet meme, including a near-viral video clip from Vice News. Maybe he had a cold, as Vox wrote, recently. Maybe he was nervous. Or maybe–as Trump, himself, might say, if he were talking about somebody else–there was something else going on.

But a meme doesn’t make news unless it gets repeated by a high-level official. And it was former Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean, who went there. I will admit that I thought it quite strange, when every few seconds or minutes, Donald Trump kept sniffling loudly into his microphone. I wasn’t the noise–which obviously is the angle his defenders are using by complaining his microphone malfunctioned that night–it was also the visually-obvious movements and jerks of his body that made a lot of people wondering what the heck was going on.

Was he simply nervous about going up against a powerful adversary like Hillary Clinton? Was he just having a bad night (which, of course, he did)? Or was something more going on with this very un-presidential behavior?

When you put it all together with the fact that Trump writes his craziest and most outrageous tweets at around 2am or 3am, you can’t help but wonder if this man, who his wife swears, among others, that he does not drink alcohol, does something else to stimulate him at three in the morning? Far be it for me to suggest that Mr. Trump has a vice other than his obvious self love and adoration, but something certainly seems off here and it really should be a red flag for anyone thinking he is qualified to hold the nuclear codes in the palm of his hand.